4 Easy Ways To Become More Confident


Confidence is a great life skill to have.  As you get older interviews become more and more important, people notice how confident you are and it really makes the difference as to whether you are successful or not. Every now and then we meet people who can walk into a room and hit it off with anybody they meet, sometimes leaving you thinking why can’t I be more like that? You can be! Here are some top tips on how to be more confident…

1. Worry Less

If the thought of starting or keeping a conversation going makes you nervous – stop panicking because there is nothing to be scared of. One mistake I see a lot of people make is worrying too much about how to approach people and they end up worrying too much about starting a conversation (especially when it is with the opposite sex). There is no right or wrong way when it comes to communicating, all situations are unique so trust yourself and use your judgement so you know which tone or conversations to make. It’s difficult to do, but worrying less about what others think of you will help you a lot, the most successful people always have to worry with backlash, but if they worried about everything someone thought of them then that would just be a headache!

2. Be Yourself

We always see it in films where a girl has a makeover and suddenly she is transformed into a confident goddess, but in reality you need to feel comfortable in who you are to be confident. In relation to communicating people tend to be confident when they know what they are talking about. So if you are in an interview and fancy blagging that you were once in the FBI – don’t bother, you can’t be confident about something you know nothing about.

3. Forget About Me VS Them 

Working on your confidence means you have to be prepared to work on how you think. Sometimes we make ourselves believe that we are somehow different and inferior to someone else, we are all human we are equal! Changing these psychological processes which go through our head will help you to become more confident. We are constantly stereotyping people, making it seem as though certain types of people are different to others, this might be a part of human nature but by doing this we are enlarging the differences between people (in our head).  Try to find common ground with anybody, there is no reason why you can’t have a great conversation with someone you have just met or someone who you think is different to you.

4. Constantly Challenge Yourself

In order to grow you have to put yourself into unfamiliar situations. Think about it this way, if you are reluctant to move away from one circle of friends who you are very familiar with, how are you going to develop, meet new people and ultimately become more confident? Try joining sports clubs or societies so you can meet people who you don’t know so well. Getting to know a wide range of people will help you gain confidence, it also gives you the opportunity to start again and build new relationships with people who may or may not share the same interests as you, but that’s fine, it’s always great meeting people who have different beliefs and opinions as it challenges us.