4 Easy Ways To Get Girls And Not Be Friend Zoned


1. Drive a dope-ass Lamborghini

Girls actually gave up on love around 15-17. The first guy that consensually touched their titties broke their fragile eggshell heart. Now they are looking to move up in the world. Relationships are business transactions. They fuck for pleasure and to find a stepfather for their illegitimate children.

2. Ride around in limos.

Bitches love dudes drunk as shit in limos. It really turns them on and they will grope you ridiculously.

3. Stay drunk as shit.

Girls hate being bored with sober guys. They say dumb shit, talk about work…or feelings or are any kind of normal common place thing. They are most likely already prescribed to xanax and ambien so they do not need to hear your boring sober chatter. Get drunk bro.

4. Don’t be poor.

Girls hate the fuck out of broke ass losers without jobs that just want to sit around watching TV and playing Xbox. So get the fuck off the internet…find a job or 3.