4 Important Life Lessons My Autistic Sister Has Taught Me


1. Speech is a blessing.

I will never take my voice for granted. I will sing out of tune, laugh obnoxiously, and scream at the top of my lungs. There is nothing more frightening than losing my ability to speak. My voice is my advocate. It’s my sister’s advocate, too. I am unapologetically confronting. I am so fortunate to have the ability to stand up for my sister when she is unable to do so.

2. Dancing is medicinal.

My sister loves to dance. She dances with, or without music. She will dance inside or out, day or night, rain or shine. She dances without a care in the damn world because God gave her feet. God gave her rhythm. Who cares if people snicker or stare? That’s my sister. To this day, nothing makes me feel more alive than tripping and twirling across the kitchen floor.

3. Education is subjective.

School wasn’t designed with my sister in mind. Having a disability in public school is a nightmare beyond words. My sister is often left to fend for herself. She would try so hard, and still fail. But just because she struggles academically, doesn’t mean she’s unintelligent. My sister is as bright as the sun. I learn something new from her every day.

4. Tolerance is freeing.

Every once in a while, I’ll complain to my sister. I’ll gossip about a family member or an annoying coworker. Her response is always the same. An unbothered shrug. She is beyond loving and tolerant. Her kindness reaches people she’s never met, and she truly believes every human is inherently good. There is nothing more beautiful than loving without hesitation.