4 Important Reminders To Tell Yourself When You’re Anything But Fine


Some days I’m doing just fine. Not great, but fine. Getting through a day without breaking down.

Some days, I’m not so lucky.

Some days I feel this heavy weight in my chest. Something like a squeeze paired with a great mass of emptiness. It doesn’t feel nice. It feels like I’m being dried of life. Maybe that’s why I feel so drained of everything.

This is what I tell myself during those days:

1. You have survived a lot. There’s no giving up now.

Every day you wake up and you get out of bed even when every bone in your body doesn’t want to. You take those steps. Those painstakingly heavy steps. You have survived all those days you thought you were not going to survive. You will survive this. Those days where you fought, they can’t go to waste.

2. Tomorrow may be a good day.

It feels so bad today. But what about tomorrow? It may be bad. It may even be worse. But what if it’s better? What if tomorrow is a good day? Don’t lose that chance of experiencing a good day. And if tomorrow’s not so good, wait for another day. It can’t all be cloudy days.

3. Wait for the big revelation.

All your life you have wondered who you are, what you are, why you’re here, why is everything the way it is. Hold on and see. Hold on long enough to find out what happens. Stick long enough to see how your story goes. You wouldn’t want to be left not knowing how it ends, right? Don’t close the book in the middle of a bad chapter.

4. There are things worth living for.

Have you seen everything you have wanted to see? Felt everything you ever wanted to feel? Have you already done all of the things you wanted to do? If not, then don’t let go. If you can’t find something you want to see or feel, just hang on. Hang on and wait. There are things in this world that you would regret not getting the chance to see. Maybe right now you can’t find anything you would want to hold on to, but what if one day you come across that one thing you never knew you were looking for.

It’s not easy. It’s hard. But who knows? Maybe there really is a rainbow after the rain.