4 Major Things Being In A Long Distance Relationship Has Taught Me


1. You will cry. And that’s okay.

Snot will go everywhere and you’ll use a sandpaper-y woolen jumper as a tissue. You’ll feel like a walking, talking piece of garbage for 2 reasons; you miss them so much it hurts, and you’re pissed as fuck at yourself for feeling that way because you’re meant to be a strong and independent person reliant on no one for your happiness. While it’s okay to have the occasional pity party and self-indulgent crying session make sure you have someone to, as Alex Turner put it “grab both your shoulders and shake baby, snap out of it.” In no time, that euphoric “I’m a badass motherfucker and I’mma kill this distance bitch” feeling will come flooding back. I promise.

2. You’ll worry for no reason about stupid things.

That’s the thing about distance, it can make you a bit paranoid. It’s not quite as bad as texting, where you’ve got a snowflake’s chance in hell of deciphering tone, but even with technological advancements there’s still no match for face to face conversations. When you’re talking in 30 minute blocks once or twice a day, there’s plenty of time left to stew over something that didn’t sound quite right. Don’t stew. Talk it out, have some truth time and chances are there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

3. It will feel good sometimes, and you shouldn’t feel guilty about that.

You’ve got all the doona and all the bed and all the pillows to yourself, and you don’t even have to pretend to share. Result! Do not for a second feel bad for enjoying time on your own – you’re responsible for your own happiness remember? As I’m writing this I’m in Nice looking over the water, and while I’d love for my boyfriend to be here, that’s not going to stop me having a total blast. Your experiences define you and you take them with you forever, so don’t ever pass up an opportunity, leave early, or feel guilty for enjoying something alone.

4. As long as you love each other more than you hate the distance, everything will be just fine.

This is obviously the only thing that really matters. Distance sucks, but at the end of the day if inside their hug is still your number one place to fall asleep, they’re you’re favourite thing to wake up and go to sleep to and you can’t wait to see them again, it’ll all be worth it. Except sharing blankets.