4 Of The Most Important Lessons I Learned About Life By 25


I’m turning 25 this year but I still feel like a kid. Maybe because of my mantra, “Get out of your box and try to live once even if you are really scared.”

That was my motivation for 24 years. And it worked, somehow. By reading this mantra every day, I was reminded that I should get out of my comfort zone even it caused bruises, aches, and pains. So I did.

My 20 to 24 years are full of blessings. I got my fair share. Although I seldom felt those blessings, I was aware of it. I only didn’t know how to appreciate. But I just trust God and pray every day for staying me alive and able to eat three times a day which perhaps equates to an act of appreciation?

I am near in the stage of my life that I can say I got a sneak peek of real world – how it really works, how idealism kills by worldly truths and lies, how dreams can turn slowly into dust, how money becomes an engine of human soul, and how to find ways to hell. And for my 24 years of existence, I regret not knowing it earlier.

There were many lessons added as I made decisions that turned out big mistakes. However, I learned how to be accountable for all my actions and decisions, and I truly say – it brought me to a much well-crafted story woven by best and worst experiences in life.

I walked away to the people I get to use at to find myself and to try things that will make me happy. But until now, I still can’t figure out what are those and where would be my place on this earth. As my way to find myself, I found love, be acquainted with it, and got broke. But still, I choose to love again which made me wiser to handle it.

On a serious note, the significant learnings that I had learned in my 20s so far are the value of humility, faith in God, letting go, and family.

Humility. This year, I learned how to be humble. How I should not expect things, and how I should not boast about what I have become or accomplished. Humility teaches respect to others and good for one’s soul. I stay kind and dumb. Although in reality, it doesn’t matter how nice you are but it does matter what you can give about – your skills, talents, etc. In this world, a brilliant mind outshines good character.

Faith in God. I always had blues. When it was already past five midnight and yet I was still widely awake silently crying for unknown reasons. My faith slowly cured my depression and alleviated my melancholic disposition. But I still not okay, and I always let God fix my emotions.

Letting go. There were things in life that need to be changed. And I have to accept it, so I have to learn how to let go. Letting go means not forgetting but allowing myself to move on, to walk away, to live, or to declutter my life.

Family. What I learned: At the end of the day, my family will still hold the answer. They are here to support me and love me whoever I am, and whatever wrong decisions in life that I had made. And I proved it, as they were understood what I went through. They have positively boosted my mood whenever I felt I was about to break down. They were present on days that I cried while eating lunch and dinner and willing to listen on my problems. They gave their all-out support and sometimes spoiled me.

Of course, my 20-somethings wouldn’t be as amazing like a rolling coaster ride without the people who became part of it. I am deeply indebted to those people. Their kindness has been engraved to my heart.

It hard to be outside of the box, but when I tried, I feel free.

And to myself who lost the fun and drive, everyone gets lost at one point, and it is a choice whether you want to be found or not.