4 Perfect Reasons To Date The Nerdy Guy You Usually Overlook


We are well aware some of you have probably avoided the affections of nerdy men as if each were infected with asymptomatic leprosy. Instead, you likely make a beeline for the David Beckham doppelgänger who hasn’t looked in your direction once. You (may) also then accept consistent slipshod behavior from this too-good-to-be-true heaven sent Alpha Male because he’s just so perfect.

Listen ladies, your fantasy of dating the captain of the football team is a musty, outdated delusion leftover from high school. The hidden band camp geek in all of us wants to sit with the cool kids and go to prom with whomever was voted “Best Looking”.

But there’s no room for any of this in the real world. The real world is far, far too cruel to subconsciously seek out all the situations that made you miserable as a 16 year old. Time to grow up and realize the soft-spoken, slightly disheveled, not overly hip guy seated in the corner over there, might actually make a much, much better boyfriend. And here are the reasons why you should consider dating them.

1. He won’t take you for granted.

Guys who weren’t banging girls in high school, and working all the dorms in college, probably still have some of that “aww shucks” flattery when a chick like you actually gives them a chance. It doesn’t matter if they’ve shed their Urkel suit for something a little more socially acceptable. One’s formative adolescence has a way of worming its way into adult subconscious; you will still likely be a girl he assumed he’d never actually get.

Now don’t use this as a form of manipulation, but rather soak in all the returned calls, speedy texts and enthusiastic e-mails you’ve always wanted but never gotten.

2. A massive ego is less likely of a problem.

While everyone has an ego, a geeky guy probably won’t have the kind of obnoxious get in a fight, stare at the waitress’s ass bravado you find with all those douche bags on The Hills, for example. They haven’t placed their self-worth on gaining social accolades and working the fickle popularity later, so therefore they don’t expect it and won’t act out in public if they don’t get it.

He’s used to peacefully existing in the background, and might actually even prefer it — especially with you sitting next to him.

3. No worries about revealing your geeky side.

Not only will he not mind, but will probably be comforted by the fact you snort when you laugh. Also, it’s not at all a problem that you’ll never be the chick who knows all the hot spots or has the energy to keep up with what designer bag is “in.” He’ll likely be morbidly excited when you tell him about your secret obsession with the SyFy channel, too. No secrets with this one.

4. Use him as your style canvas.

Not all girls may not revel in the man makeover fix-me-ups, but some love it.

There’s a good chance his closet won’t resemble Justin Timberlake’s, but there’s absolutely no reason why it shouldn’t or can’t. We’ve found clothes are pretty malleable for men in general, but a guy who has never put much effort into what coverings are going to generate him the most tail, will be an even more avid student. Regardless of whether or not it works out between you two, at least he’ll walk away knowing to never, ever, unbutton more than two buttons in hopes of looking suave. And we mean, never.