4 Perks Of Adulthood That Sometimes Go Unnoticed


You remember as kids when we would fight with all our might against taking a nap? And now, as adults, we collectively complain about how we wish we could get those hours of sleep back? Well, I think we’re still doing that in somewhat of a role reversal. We spent our childhood dreaming of the day that we’d have our own homes, relationships, independence and careers, and yet at times, it seems like all we can do is nostalgically long for the simplicity of childhood.

Bills suck, I get it. And cleaning bathroom floors as a warm-up to emptying the dishwasher doesn’t always feel glamorous. With that being said, there are some perks of adulthood that often go unnoticed. To quote Neil Barringham, “the grass is greener where you water it.” So, let’s take a minute to acknowledge the perks of being a grown up.

1. Eat What You Want

If you want a milkshake for breakfast, go crazy. Pop Tarts for dinner, be my guest. Your Doctor might tell you to cool it on your sugar intake, but hey, it’s your decision whether or not you listen, because you’re a freaking adult.

2. Your Own Living Space

Sleepovers on week nights? Totally acceptable. Maybe with one person, possibly with a handful. Your life, your rules.

3. Pets Allowed

Always wanted a dog when you were little but your parents wouldn’t get one? Now’s your chance. Heck, open a petting zoo if that strikes your fancy.

4. Unlimited Television

Anyone else’s mom block MTV during their youth when all they wanted to do was catch some TRL with their afternoon snack? I heard there’s a Jersey Shore marathon starting in 15 minutes and I’ll be making up for lost time.

So grab an adult beverage and cheers to sleeping, eating, watching, and doing whatever it is that you want.

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