4 Reasons Not To Get Back With An Ex This Coupling Season


Tis’ the season to have somebody… ANYBODY!

The weather is getting colder, days are getting shorter, winter breaks are getting lonelier and all you need is that special someone to grab you in their arms and keep you warm by the fireplace while drinking hot cocoa. That’s all you ask for. If Santa could grant you one wish… it would be to get cuffed.

Everywhere you go you see that obnoxiously adorable couple holding hands on the sidewalk, buying each other lavish love-filled presents, wearing matching ugly sweaters, kissing underneath the mistletoe, posting that gingerbread house they made together on Instagram, and most of all, using hastags like #soinlove #luckiestgirlintheworld #bestboyfriendever #greatestgiftisbae


YOU CAN’T ESCAPE IT! This entire mob of romantic couples is tapping into that little voice in your head telling you that you need to get cuffed because if you don’t you will spend the rest of eternity and every holiday season after that being alone on your sofa watching It’s A Wonderful Life while eating an entire jar of Nutella… with a tablespoon.

So you want to get cuffed this season? DO NOT DO IT WITH AN EX. I know you miss him. I know you want to give him a second chance. I know you think that he will change, but don’t you dare reply to that text message he sends you saying “Hey”. It’s a trap. Just ask my ex about how our cuffing season turned out and he’ll tell you it’s a trap too.

This is a warning. This is the red flag you’ve been searching for. This is that giant arrow that those teenagers flip on the street to advertise houses, except this arrow is pointing you to run the other direction this holiday season.

Tis’ the season to be smart and protect your heart from getting hurt again!

1. You’re lonely

You might be coming back home from college for winter break, leaving that social bubble where you get to see your classmates and friends almost everyday. Winter break is a time of self- reflection, giving you the freedom to not think about classes, grades, clubs and jobs. During this time of self- reflection, you might actually realize how lonely you actually are. You want someone to come in a fill this empty and lonely hole you have in your heart. So do you really want your ex … or do you just want anyone?

2. He is an ex for a reason

You broke up with each other for a reason, and I’m sure it was a very smart and logical reason. Don’t use this cuffing season as an excuse to forget all the hurt and pain you got out of this relationship because you think that he will change. The sad truth is that no matter how many chances you given him, he will never ever change. Remember that.

3. Someone will always want more

There are two sides to this relationship. The one that just wants to hook up and the one that wants to try again, and you are most likely the one that wants to try again. He’s lonely too and all he wants is a cuddle buddy during the winter but once winter break is over he will drop you and you will get your heart broken all over again. He’s not emotionally ready for a committed relationship and a change in weather wont change that fact.

4. You’re missing out on others

LOOK UP. Stop focusing on this one person and realize that it’s cuffing season and love is in the air! There are plenty of other men who adore you and want to give you the entire world. They might even be standing right next to you, and you don’t even realize it. Keep an open heart and an open mind because there is someone better out there for you…there is always someone better.