4 Reasons The Donald Trump ‘Pee Pee’ Rumors Couldn’t POSSIBLY Be True


In his first press conference since being elected President, Donald Trump addressed the unverified documents published the prior evening alleging that Russia had blackmail materials about his financial and “personal” life. The reports alleged Trump paid women of the night to perform “golden showers” in a hotel room during one of his visits. The president-elect denied that claim Wednesday by remarking, “I’m also very much a germaphobe, by the way.” If this portion of the unverified document is false, than the whole document must be false too.

Here are 4 reasons why Trump would never enjoy watching women urinate in front of him:

1. Trump expressed disgust about cleaning a bathroom


Housekeeping Lady: “So now we’re going to go to the bathroom.”

Trump: “Ahow, I’m not into bathroom… I don’t know if I could ever do that job. Only sinks.”

2. Trump doesn’t like knowing about the bodily functions of his wife

He once said: “I’m going to say, I can say the exact same thing about Melania. She never makes a doodie. I’ve never seen her make one” From the full audio tape:


2005 Transcript from Howard Stern Show

Trump: “Howard let me just ask you. You said something a while ago about Beth that amazed me because it applies to Melania. You said you’ve never seen her do anything, like, bad, in terms of her own personal.”

Stern: “That’s true. She would never even do another chick.”

Trump: “No, no, not even that. You said you’ve never heard her (flatulate).”

Stern: “Well, how bout this–”

Trump: “Is that true?”

Stern: “Not only is that true…”

Trump: “Isn’t that amazing? In years, three and a half years he’s never… Wow.”

Stern: “Not only is that true, she doesn’t make doody. She hasn’t made doody…”

Robin: “Never?”

Stern: “Like four times maybe.”

Trump: “In three years?”

Stern: “In three years.”

Trump: “Wow.”

Stern: “You think I’m kidding.”

Trump: “I can say the exact same thing about Melania.”

Stern: “How much does Melania weigh, do you know?”

Trump: “125. She’s 5’11…”

Stern: “Perfect.”

Trump: “…125.”

Stern: “Wow.”

Trump: “And that’s good.”

Stern: “And she hardly goes to the bathroom?”

Stern: “And she never makes a doodie?”

Trump: “I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s amazing.”

Stern: “You’re probably expecting a big one that’s huge.”

Trump: “Beth and Melania, maybe they save it for after marriage. It’s amazing, that you said that, and I’d never experienced that before. You know, with all the…”

Robin: “Has she ever said I’m going to the bathroom?”

Trump: “Hardly says that, you know what I mean Howard.”

3. Trump And Melania Have Separate Bathrooms

According to GQ, Melania says thatthe key to the success of her marriage is separate bathrooms.” 

Also according to People Magazine, Melania says that separate bathrooms are “the key to a healthy marriage.”

Even the DNC in an internal email obtained by Wikileaks reported on the aforementioned GQ report.

4. Trump Is A Germaphobe

The Huffington Post called Trump a germaphobe who doesn’t shake hands or even touch an elevator button.

Based on all of this, I believe the portion about Trump enjoying watching women pee on a bed to be absolutely untrue, which means the entire Buzzfeed report must be untrue. Some reports even claim it is a hoax, specifically a work of fan fiction written on 4chan for anti-Trump pundit Rick Wilson.

Furthermore, Gateway Pundit has detailed that 4Chan is responsible for this prank.