4 Reasons Why Ari Eastman Is One Of My Most Favorite Writers


There are some writers that grab your soul with a hook and just reel you right out of your lame little space of existence into their vast space of pure and unfiltered magic.

Ari Eastman is one of them.

I am not easily shaken but this woman’s poetry, writing and dedication towards being unapologetically her beautiful self in every way, every day, despite trauma and hurdles, has moved me since the day I first found her on Thought Catalog and Instagram.

Here are a few reasons why she amazes me so much;

1. She will break your heart, heal it and then smash it on the ground again in an endless cycle with her spot-on, raw writing and poetry that somehow vividly relates to me so much about my life and me as a person.

2. Her blunt honesty, her sharp mind and her stunning visual portrayal of her day-to-day experiences has made me respect her for being so wonderfully human and not being afraid to be so.

She may seem transparent online but it is evident that she has worlds in her that cannot be easily unveiled, let alone conquered.

She is one of the most underrated writers and talented human beings I’ve ever seen, a rare original in a world of mimics and clones.

So here is my message to her:

Thank you, Ari. Though you do not know me, I have found pieces of myself in a lot of your work. I, too, have lost a father and I feel as though you are a sister I have not yet met, but known for years. I am glad you exist, grateful that you exist. I am glad you write. I am glad you decided to share your work with the world and I am glad that you are here.

Everything about you is gold, nothing less.