4 Reasons Why I’m SO Sick Of Dating Apps


So I’ve been trying to dip my toes back into the dating world, and like any good millennial what better way to do it than dating apps? I’ve personally never used dating apps before so they are a were and are a new experience for me. During my time on these apps I’ve noticed a few things that are very quickly making me want to run for the hills.

1. The Shower Ploy.

What is it with guys on the apps at this shower ploy? What gave them the idea that if they tell a girl that they just said hi too on a dating app, that they are going to take a shower, and suddenly that means that she is going to either: A. send them nudes or B. want their nudes. When did this become a socially acceptable form of communication within seconds of meeting someone? If I get one more “I’m taking a shower” in hopes of getting and sending nudes ploy, I am going lose it.

2. The ways guys ask for sex.

I know that a large fraction of the men on these dating apps are looking for sex or hookup partners, a friends with benefits situation, and that’s fine. I don’t judge other people’s choices and people can live however they so please, but who put it in these guys heads that they can ask for sex with lines like “Do you want to be a mother?” or “I can make you into a mother?” or “Can I relax with you?” The list goes on and on and on, and I can’t help but wonder who are the people who responded positively to these messages? It’s not funny, it’s certainly not cute or respectable. In fact, it is more honest, when guys just outright ask for it. I mean, personally, either way, the answer is going to be no, but why make it creepy and weird. Even a little bit icky.

3. The endless swiping.

So much swiping. It’s like an endless swipe of left always left, because I very rarely swipe right. It’s almost become like a game for me or something out of boredom. How many guys can I swipe left on for the most arbitrary reasons based upon their profile pictures? Seriously, it doesn’t even seem worthwhile anymore.

4. Lack of conversation.

When it’s not a weird request for sex, it’s a basic “hi” or “hey” conversation that never goes far. I ask questions and it goes nowhere. It’s the worst, I have great intellectual conversations when given the chance, and I talk about so many topics, and nothing. Just some basic stuff, some horrid chatspeak, and I can barely understand. I am one of those people who text in complete sentences on purpose.