4 Reasons Why Living In New York Will Make You Never Want To Live Anywhere Else


People always say that if you can make it in New York then you can make it anywhere. But what those same people fail to tell you is that if you can make it in New York then you can’t enjoy anywhere else but New York.

It is hard too believe, but by becoming a socially hardened New Yorker that enjoys the fast pace, dream filled and usually foul mouthed heaven that is New York city we lose all hope at coexisting with all other members of society that is outside the region of NYC.

It is a terrible truth that we all come to turns with but have to accept do to the fact that whenever we step into suburbia or any other place where you don’t hear a cabby getting cursed out by a beautiful stranger who is mad at the fact he almost got hit by the cabby’s car, even though the beautiful stranger yelling at the cabby was crossing the street when he wasn’t suppose too.

Reason number one why New York is that person you’re madly in love with and every other state is merely irrelevant in your wonderful relationship with NYC is:

1. Even the simple pleasures of NYC seem like a HUGE deal

Simply a normal day of sitting in a New York park can be overwhelming yet breathe taking all at the same time. Yes it’s nice to go to a nice little quiet suburb park where two kids play on a slide and the mom reads a Jane Austin novel. But let’s be honest it gets a little old now when we go to the park it’s purely for our entertainment, from things such as people watching. That could inadvertently lead too you seeing a kid try to stick his entire Yankees cap in his mouth or other things like sitting on a park bench posing while a man draws your caricature. No matter what the event you’re bound to have a good time.

2. Every store you can think of is merely a short train ride away

Being in SoHo, New York is sort of like being in the clothing capital of the world. There are mainly malls when you go to other parts of America. There are usually big malls with generic brands or the simple bare minimum of big name designer company clothing options for the average everyday consumer, but what about the fashionista what about the trendsetters. Those future influences too the art world will never get to flourish do to a lack of individuality in corporate malls.

In SoHo malls do not exist, the brand and the essence of a store exist. And that is what is most important when your clothes shopping, the personal connection you make between yourself and that designer on how that particular item fits you as well as your personality and style identity. And in personalized stores you get better chances too experience more of these options and learn more about what your wearing from the people who represent the brand by working (and knowing about all clothing items) at that particular store.

3. Being healthy is trendy and socially appealing

The get fit era is here and is apparently here to stay. On every street corner and in every crevice of New York City you will find a yoga place, spin class or ever so common joggers that run whatever route their heart desires. We may visit areas of this beautiful country and you will quiet possibly have some places that mimic the “get abs or die trying” mentality New York has to offer but most other places have more things to deal with rather than appearance so most likely most areas outside of new York wont share your 2015 healthy lifestyle mentality.

4. New York is the only place in America, that even when you have nothing, it still makes you feel like at any moment you can have the world at your finger tips

There comes a time in every person’s life that starts too fall in love with New York, that you just lay back and just stare at the view of everything New York has too offer and what you can accomplish there. And that my friend is a feeling you get nowhere else.

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