4 Scientifically Proven Ways To Promote Attraction


Many studies in social psychology have proven that a few main factors tend to increase attraction between two people. These may not apply to everyone and are not the only causes for attraction, but still have been shown to play key roles in fostering positive feelings between most people.

1. Proximity

Being physically close to someone encourages attraction. This could mean living in close vicinity, spending time together, or simply seeing them often. Proximity makes contact between two people more likely and this repeated contact leads to familiarity, which humans are naturally inclined towards. Moreover, simply expecting to interact makes people more open to associating positive emotions toward one another.

2. Common Interests

People tend to be attracted to those similar to themselves. This includes hobbies, religious beliefs, tastes in music, culture, etc. This is because shared interests lead to smoother interactions and less disagreement. People prefer to spend time with those who will validate and support their beliefs. Having similar attitudes also makes the other person’s behavior more predictable and easier to relate to.

3. Physical Attractiveness

Being physically attractive doesn’t mean you have to look like Beyoncé or Chris Pine. Physical attraction could mean having good hygiene and body posture, and smiling often. Studies have shown that people tend to associate attractive individuals with positive qualities that may not even have anything to do with their physical appearance.

4. Reciprocity

This just means that people are inclined to like those who reciprocate their feelings. So don’t be afraid to show him or her that you care! By putting yourself out there and making your emotions known to the other person, he/she will have greater tendency to develop more feelings towards you or at least consider them.

Twitter image –Khánh Hmoong