4 Sexy Reasons A Guy With A Beard Makes The Best Boyfriend Ever


The facial forest. The subtle stubble. The untamed mane that screams, “I am f*cking man, hear me roar!” By now, the beard has transformed from something you only see on dead presidents and hippies, into a movement that has men everywhere cursing their patchy facial hair and smooth cheeks. What exactly is so captivating about these righteous beards? Here are 4 reasons why dating a bearded man rocks:

1. They provide an instant boost on the “man meter.”

Let’s face it, beards are as manly as it gets. They’re the equivalent of a face tattoo but without actually being Mike Tyson. On the scale of new born baby (0) to Chuck Norris (10), a beard instantly bumps one’s manliness to at least an 8, a 9 if he happens to be a lumberjack in his spare time. A finely groomed beard screams maturity and fortitude.

2. They show patience and commitment.

Beards aren’t made from rubbing bacon, sand paper, and dirt on one’s face, or else a lot more men would have them. They take an incredible amount of time and patience to grow. A man with a thick beard most likely put several months, if not years into growing it out and grooming it. They went through multiple debates about whether or not to shave it off and go back to bare cheeks. This dedication to something, even something as seemingly trivial as a hair style, shows the man sticks to his convictions and will commit to other things as well. Bearded men don’t shy away from commitment, so don’t shy away from them.

3. They feel f*cking awesome.

If you haven’t run your fingers through a righteous beard, you’re missing out. If you haven’t felt a man’s beard below your belt, you’re really missing out. As long as he keeps it neat and groomed, a beard should be a girl’s best friend.

4. A confident beard makes for a confident man.

A man with a beard went through periods where it looked patchy or sloppy. It would’ve been easy for him to give it up and go back to the smooth style of yore, but that’s for a less confident man. This bearded behemoth is confident in his look and style, particularly when he’s around his smooth-chinned comrades. Confidence is sexy, and beards are a giant confidence badge worn on a man’s face.

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