4 Ways People Trick Themselves Into Thinking They’re More Mature Than They Actually Are


Life as a twenty-something is essentially one giant contradiction. One minute we’re killing it at a business meeting and finally feeling like we’re mastering this whole “adulting” thing, and the next we’re pounding shots like we just stole our parents’ stash for the first time in high school.

These years are difficult because we know that we should at least somewhat have our act together (and often do), but part of us still wants to let loose and enjoy ourselves. And that’s okay – to an extent.

Here are 4 indications that you’re somewhat maturing, but still sometimes need a slight push in the right direction:

1. You claim that you’re ready to settle down, but you’re still going for emotionally unavailable guys.

You’re not dumb – you know that the guy isn’t “looking for anything serious” and “just wants to have fun.” However, regardless of your desire to have a bae for the lonely winter months, you’re somehow convinced that one day this guy will come to his senses. You’re aware that you’re being pathetic, but it doesn’t stop you from diligently answering his 2 am texts to “come chill.” When your friends call you out for it, your response is probably, “Ugh, but he’s so hot.” God bless.

2. You’ve made the “classy” decision to switch from vodka to wine while pregaming, but end up downing the entire bottle.

There’s a good chance you’re also still drinking something painfully sweet like Moscato. You may believe that you’re being classy by “sipping” on wine, but let’s be honest – when the Uber is 2 minutes away, you’re chugging like it’s your job. As a result, you end up just as hammered as you would have been if you took shots. Valid attempt – you’ll get ‘em next time!

3. Thanks to your job, you no longer have to beg Mom and Dad for money. However, you’re splurging on unnecessary items every change you get.

Having a steady income is dangerous. You know that you should be saving for rent, but instead you end up going on shopping sprees at designer stores like you’re rolling in the dough. It’s tough for you to realize that just because you now have the ability to buy nice things, doesn’t necessarily mean you still shouldn’t be money-conscious. You may whisper “no regrets” as you admire your new Gucci clutch and overpriced makeup kit, but a glimpse at your bank account makes you immediately retract that statement.

4. You keep making grand plans to do things besides go to the same 3 bars on weekends, but still find yourself there. Every weekend.

Let’s go to a museum next weekend. Or maybe go hiking!” This is a statement that you enthusiastically suggest to your best friend on a Tuesday, giving yourself a pat on the back for deciding on such a “grown-up” activity. However, by the time the weekend rolls around, you’re too lazy to do something that requires actual concentration, so you make the executive decision to start drinking.

While the night initially starts out positive, at one point you look around and realize that you’re not actually drinking to enjoy your buzz and have fun with friends. Instead, you’re drinking to tolerate the mess surrounding you, because right now you’re “way too sober for this.” You sigh and tell your friends that you’ve got the next round – and not because you’re the “cool, party girl” that wants everyone to have a good time. You’re actually just getting a little bored, and tequila might make it better. Or you’ll just pass out – which at this point, wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing.

Next weekend you’ll opt for a quiet night in with Netflix, which never fails you. No effort required, and no throbbing hangover in the morning. It’s the perfect solution – until you make the mistake of opening Facebook between episodes, and see that yet another person from your high school is getting married.

Ugh, I really need to grow up.