4 Simple Ways To Know Whether He’s Into You


1. HE ISN’T INTERESTED ON HAVING CONVERSATION WITH YOU. Please don’t get it wrong that him talking to you states that he likes you. Sometimes people are just bored and want someone to get over it with. Be careful to notice when his replies aren’t showing the “I care for you” type, that’s how you’ll know he’s not interested. Though some guys are good in making girls feel special, you’ll see the difference when you truly are versus when he just needs someone to talk to.

2. HE ISN’T PERSISTENT. Do not fall for guys who shows up, leaves and comes back. Don’t settle for that. You don’t deserve someone who comes back, you deserve someone who does not leave. Girls often get attached to guys they’ve been talking to for a long time, so when he leaves, you’re left feeling half empty; when he comes back, you end up accepting him hoping that this time, he’ll never leave again. That is where the ache gets doubled. So please, don’t settle for temporary.

3. YOU AREN’T A PRIORITY. I’m not telling you that he needs to give you 24 hours of his time a day. We all need time for ourselves. But if he does like you, you do not need to beg for his time. He’ll be willing to give it, without you having to ask. You do not need to check on him every time, if he’s into you, he’ll let you know what’s up.

4. Lastly, HE NEVER SAID SO. Guys that are frank about their feelings are something to hold on to. Do not think that him calling you “babe” at times means he’s into you. Mostly, guys who call you “babe” without telling you directly how they feel about you are the temporary ones. If he likes you, he’ll let you know. If you constantly wonder if he does, he doesn’t. I am telling you, he doesn’t.