4 Steps To ‘Faking It Until You Make It’


If you suffer from fear of falling below the social hierarchy and want to stay relevant in the friend group, then it’s about time you learn to fake it like them as well. Do not be embarrassed by having to bend the truth as it is needed sometimes even before success can happen.

Step 1: To give yourself the ability to maneuver behind a cool facade, you must first act like a character who gives the illusion that he/she doesn’t care about anything.

This gives you the opportunity to use the biggest arsenal in your BS reputuar, and that is never giving a straight answer. By being a person who never fully commits to a situation you always leave the option of canceling without it being a big deal because you never made a strong confirmation that you would go through with anything in the first place.

Step 2: If you are trying to be successful at any particular thing in society, always mention how you’re currently taking action within your field when asked about what your doing with your life.

In doing this, it will show how dedicated you are to your craft even though the result of all your actions haven’t all exactly panned out yet. The fact that you’re in the process of doing these actions is impressive to onlookers. Remember, when sharing you more intimate goals it is up to you to make your audience believe you.

Step 3: Make sarcasm your best friend.

If you are questioned about all the success you claim to have, you don’t want to tell the absolute truth just yet. It buys you enough time so that you can explain a situation and again plays into not committing because in the midst of sarcasm if your right you can say “that’s why I said it kinda serious” or “I really didn’t meant it, I said it sarcastically”: either way you are never wrong. It doesn’t hurt that it gives off a somewhat villainous persona that some groups of the opposite sex will find hot simply because for every witty asshole there is a naive person who falls for their shit (unfortunately).

Step 4: Don’t stretch the truth about anything that you’re doing that you may never be able to obtain.

And when I say that, it means if you don’t have the talent to obtain what you want, and don’t actually have it yet, then don’t mention it. If you don’t have a flat stomach and your not thinking about sit ups never promote your abs. But if you don’t have abs and you’re in training brag as much as you want because expectations will be high and the result of not having them will scare you into achieving them. The expectations that come from “faking it” can also be a powerful motivator, depending on the amount of skeptical friends you have judging you in your life.

In the end, when you’re confident (AKA faking it until you make it) it gives you the confidence to love where you’re at, and where you’re headed. But always remember to use it wisely because you can’t wear that costume forever. Eventually your true talent has to blossom in order for real success to follow.