4 Things I Learned About Life From Playing The Sims 2


1. Time goes by very fast.

My virtual Sim named Tony was an adult when I started to play the game and now he will become 5 virtual days older.

Well, he had a successful career, many lovers and a great son, so Tony lived his life quite well.

Anyway, this life is very short. I mean the real life. Every virtual reality is just a reflection of our real reality.

Take a few minutes to remember the times when you were a kid, playing in the sandbox and getting all dirty. One day, you’ll be old and you’ll think about your whole life and you’ll realize just how short our time is on Earth. Our most valued moments and memories are just little drops in the ocean of time.

The past is a big yesterday and the future is a big tomorrow.

The present is a big today, but for many of us, it is not big enough to notice.

And because every today is a tomorrow, we can’t see our tomorrows because we don’t notice our todays, so we are practically blind to see how fast our life floats away.

2. Have great looks and great style.

I created Tony to be a good looking male: athletic, cool haircut, fresh face, stylish clothes, etc.

Of course, that in real life is not so easy, but one thing is certain: it is worth it!

This is not about vanity, but about doing your best to reflect your inner attractive self.

3. Always Improve yourself.

I hate to see my Sims playing on their PC and fooling around. I always have them read a book, play the piano, learn a new skill or something like that. Wasting time is certainly not permitted.

The interesting thing about this is that I noticed the same thing with other players too. I guess the reason for this is that deep down we all know which activities are going to be valuable in the long run and which activities are only wasting our time.

So the next step is simple: Mind your daily activities.

4. If you don’t enjoy it, it is not worth it.

This game is not worth playing just to earn something: work, money, friends, or whatever. It just gets boring if you don’t really enjoy what you do.

Here’s another idea: The same is true for life. Of course, we chase success, love, popularity, etc. – The number one rule is to not forget about enjoying whatever we do. If you want career success, make sure it is worth it. If you want many friends, make sure it is worth it. If you want anything, make sure it is worth it.

You don’t want to end up at the end of your life with a ton of achievements, thinking about, “What the hell did I enjoy in my life?”

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