4 Things I Learned From Working Two Jobs In My Early 20s


We possess the ability to hold down two jobs at the same time, and (somehow) manage our sleep and social lives while doing so. Working two jobs isn’t the best situation or what I ever thought I’d be doing at my age — but I guess we never can foresee the future, right?

I haven’t been working two jobs for long but I have been working them both long enough to understand physically and mentally the toll it takes. Commuting between two places, losing precious sleep because your work schedules overlap and trying to fight the overpowering surge of being labelled a workaholic and no life. I mean it gets to the point where you’re sleeping on the train for your body to catch up to the present day.

This, my fellow strugglers, is only some of the double job struggle. If you’re reading this and you aren’t working two jobs, you might be wondering why the hell are I’m working two jobs. The answer is simple. I’m still young, I have tuition, debts and other expenses I need to pay for—I am pretty sure that there are many other people my age, who start looking for a second school right after they’re done school for the year. 

And without further ado, I present to you four things I have learned from working two jobs:

1. You are constantly tired, but often ignore the physical urge to sleep

You’re yawing constantly. The bags under your eyes are too dark and too big. You rely on some sort of stimulant (tea, caffeine) to keep you awake all day. This is often the sheer result of you either working seven days a week and trying to keep an equally balanced schedule at both of your jobs. And instead of thinking “whoa I really need to sleep”, you instantly think “what’s the latest you can sleep in and not be late for work”

2. Your friends always seem to make plans when you have work

Now this applies to everyone, but when you work two jobs the plans seem to increase. Probably because we seem to spend more time conversing with our coworkers than our close friends but whenever your friends ask you to go out you always seem to reply “No I am working” or “I’ll meet you after work” So instead of getting that well deserved sleep you need, you end up packing your night out clothes in the bottom of your work bag and commute down to see your friends. Rather be shitfaced and happy the next day at work than be refreshed and socially isolated. Working two jobs has taught you how to manage your drinking, sleep cycle and hangovers in less than twelve hours.

3. When people find out you work two jobs they instantly think you have some money

The amount of times you need to explain that you have two jobs is ridiculous. You start getting questions about where you work, how you manage it and how often you get paid. At this point in time, you have a script in your mind you start to recite as soon as these questions pop up; and as soon as you finish someone has the nerve to say “Oh you’re so rich!”. No I am not. I still struggle when I look at my bank account, and run to the clearance racks in ANY store.

4. Finding romance is extremely difficult

Dates always seemed to get pushed back or cancelled, you often seem to intimidate the person you’re interested in because you work two jobs. Often, it seems like you’re ignoring them when really you’re trying to balance everything else in your life. There just never seems to be time for anything — let alone a little romance.