4 Things I’ll Tell My Kids About Being Gay


When and if my children come home and tell me they believe they are gay I will tell them things I wish I would have known when growing up.

1. My love for you is never-ending.

It means that maybe for the first time in your life you’re coming out to the only people whose opinion actually matter to you, your family. You will always be loved by me. You taught me the only true love I’ve ever known and no matter the person you become, that will never change, EVER.

2. Being gay isn’t weird, in fact it’s everything but weird.

Coming out to me and being honest, means I’ve succeeded as a parent. You can trust me with your deepest secrets and you know I’ll keep them, without judgment. If being gay defines you then everyone should be gay because it’s great to be who you are, and true to yourself.

3. Be proud of who you are.

Go to that gay pride festival and fight for equality, or don’t. Regardless never live in shame of who you are because there is nothing shameful about it.

4. Stick the middle finger up to anyone who tells you otherwise.

Anyone who tries to persecute you for who you are sad individuals. They are genuinely jealous of your happiness. They are jealous because you can be openly happy about yourself and your beliefs without fear of their opinions. They will spend their entire lives trying to make sense out of your happiness and strive every day to be just like you even if you can’t tell it.