4 Things NBC’s Parenthood Will Teach You


With the beginning of the final season of NBCs notorious, ever-loved family drama, Parenthood, it throws me back to the emotion of having yet another, one of my favorite shows end. It is always emotional realizing that these characters will no longer exist. Because, lets face it, these characters are more than fictional people that you watch week to week:

These are people who youve seen grow up.

Youve cried with them during their toughest circumstances.

Experienced their hurt through every break up.

Felt the cold shoulder during arguments.

Heard the same laughter during holiday dinners.

And felt a similar attachment as if they were part of your family. Sometimes you may wish that they were your family.

Shows like this are a product of great writers, with a heart-warming cast and inspirational message. This is what Parenthood has taught all of us:

1. Family Is Important

Parenthood is the tamer, more realistic version of Brothers and Sisters. The show youd feel comfortable bringing home to your family: it went there. Anything form divorce, illness, sibling rivalry, unplanned pregnancy, you name it, its happened. This show addresses big, cultural issues with grace and within the context of family. One of the greatest examples that Parenthood has shown throughout the years is displaying a positive family image; Its why people long to want a family like the Bravermans.

Through it all, Parenthood screams out, families need to stick together.Besides, who wouldnt want to enjoy the frequent family dinners, constantly getting visited from a sibling or  throwing someone a surprise something to be celebratedparty. I would.

2. You Cant Choose Your Family

There are some things you can choose in life, but others you cannot. And the Bravermans have shown that it isnt that hard to make the best of things where you have no choice. Because families take care of each other. I mean, theres a minimum of four Bravermans in one room at all times. Even when Amber and Sarahs relationship was on the brink of falling apart, at the end of it all, they knew that they needed each other. Despite their differences on opinion, Zeek and Camille compromised when it came to selling their estate. The Braverman clan has experienced needing to learn about the each other, letting things go, and living through challenging times, but never alone.

3. Dont Be Afraid of Risk

Has there been an episode where risk wasnt involved? Remember Crosby and Adam going into business together? Or Joel and Julia adopting? What about Adam and Kristina starting a charter school? If there isnt a stronger message in this show, then you are not watching the same show. Short and sweet: Go after your dreams. Follow your passions. And take a leap of faith, things will always work out.

4. Its Okay to Be Different

One of the best aspects of this show is that there are so many story lines mixed into one, larger picture. Parenthood doesnt hold back from the tough struggles of Drew and his girlfriends abortion, Haddie exploring her sexuality, Max living with Aspergers, and the list goes on and on. Yet, instead of singling each one out, theres always someone to turn to in the Braverman family. Theres always someone who can relate, or give advice. Its okay to be different, because youre loved. Because youll get through it. Who doesnt want a little piece of that?

Theres never a dull moment when you have a family of four siblings, (at least) 3 spouses, all the significant others, and nine cousins constantly meeting under one roof. Thats a lot of love going around in the Braverman family. And, guess what? This family sticks with you through the good and the bad – through the ups and the downs, the laughs and the tears – and everything in between. They are seriously the best.

Parenthood may not be on TV for much longer, but the lasting effects will continue to influence families for years to come. But no matter what happens, its best to just embrace the direction the writers take with our beloved Bravermans. Besides, they havent stirred us wrong yet.