4 Things Only Low Intelligence People Complain About


Vocal fry

I watch all of Rachel Hodin’s videos because I think she is one of the funniest people and the comments are always complaining about her vocal inflection. I’ve seen this complaint sooooooooo much over the years and I am so bored of hearing it. Yes, there are a generation of women who say “like” a lot and say statements with the rising inflection of a question. It’s not going away so I would stop letting it bother you if you want to not be annoyed for the rest of your life. I actually like it when people speak this way. It lets me know they are my people. I hear Rachel’s voice and I’m like “oh, cool, this is someone I would connect with.”

People always talk about grammar and having a traditional inflection as requirements of having a successful career. It’s not. It’s a requirement of having a traditional career which. These kind of comments might pack a punch if you weren’t saying it to a person employed in a job they like, or to a generation of people to whom having a traditional job was a desirable thing to have.

Ugly people

I’m a #millennial so I think being hot is cool. There is value to the packaging of a person or a product, it’s not everything, but it’s not nothing. However, when people are like “you’re ugly” it’s weird because they assume they are ending a conversation. I don’t know any other circumstance in which pointing out a singular shortcoming is the end of a conversation. No one is perfect, every person, product and experience is a blend of pros and cons and you decide between them based on which of the pros and cons you value the most. The thing is, is that no one has exactly the same values as another person, so pointing out one individual flaw is almost completely meaningless as far as criticisms go.

Another caveat as far as judging aesthetics go in 2014, last weekend men’s activist Daryush Valizadeh mentioned a friend on twitter to tell her he thinks she is probably secretly fat (which is masochistic if it was true, but was more bizarre because it isn’t) and so I looked at his profile and his website and I was struck by how ugly his website is. Maybe it’s comical that I think it’s a bigger turn-off to have an ugly website than it is to have an appearance that isn’t my cup of tea but one kind of denotes whether you “get” what’s culturally relevant (are intelligent) and one is a subjective lottery of genetics.

Things that don’t actually affect them

OMG a girl is wearing make-up at the gym. I choose NOT to wear make-up at the gym. I MUST post on twitter about how stupid she must be.

My brother-in-law is the kind of pitching a fit about things that don’t affect him, and it’s literally for the reason that he drank away all his cognitive reasoning brain cells (TMI?). But for real, he gets upset about things like if my sister leaves the house after he’s already gone to sleep (bro, you are ASLEEP) and the fact that her maid of honor was gay. Does the sexual orientation of someone else really upset the balance of your life? Nope. Check your boy– even the pope would shake his head at you making a big deal out of it.

People from small towns and suburbs fall into this trap a lot, as well as every reality TV character in the history of reality TV. I think it’s actually on the application to be cast on a reality show, “if someone said something about a topic, would you insert your emotions into the situation and be butthurt despite having no real skin in the game?”

Kids these days

From what I can tell there’s no more fulfilling source of entertainment for the old at heart than to complain about how kids are behaving “these days” and how it’s different than the way they were raised. Note that it goes without saying for these people that “different” is always synonymous with “bad.”

Allow me to do you the favor of giving you a thirty second logic lesson: if you think something is bad you need to explain WHY it is bad. It a failure in reasoning to assume that just because something was one way and is now another way, that the new way is bad. Do the world a favor and absorb this knowledge before forming your next opinion.

The biggest example of this is people complaining that kids are always on cellphones or social media, but as I wrote previously, if you detach arguments from tradition from the equation, you’d see how valuable these kind of digital literacy building experiences are to their future success.