4 Things That Make Me Wish I Were Back In High School


From the moment I could officially call myself a high school senior, everything in my small bubble began to change. There was this looming feeling of excitement, a knowing that I was destined for much bigger things. My class and I began to laugh at those younger than us and look up to those before us that had already made the transition to a university.

The thought of returning to a high school event after graduation seemed shameful. We laughed at those who did. I mean, once we got to college what would there even be to miss?

According to so many people that felt necessary to bestow their wisdom upon me senior year, I am now living the best years of my life. I am a real life adult and I have already found my forever friends. Oh, and I know exactly what I want to do with my life, right? So if college is so “perfect,” why the hell do I miss high school so much?

1. NO responsibilities, like zero

I remember thinking my life was sooo hard in high school. Now I would give anything if all of the money I made at my part time job was going to subway and Taaka vodka. Hello! Mom and dad took care of everything. Yes, I will eat your meatloaf every night of the week; just don’t make me go grocery shopping ever again.

2. Standing out was easy peasy

So I know this doesn’t apply for everyone, but I definitely peaked in high school. I was salutatorian with an ACT score in the thirties, and I never had to spend an all-nighter studying. Now, I can’t even open an economics assignment without shedding a tear, let alone be top of my class. Sure, everyone blossoms in college, but I’d happily stay unflowered if it means I could keep making A’s without trying.

3. Parties were much more fun

Ok, college parties can be pretty damn awesome. But, there’s just something so fun and exciting about making a high school party happen. In high school, we never knew how we’d get our beer, where we’d be able to drink it, or what we would tell our parents in the mean time. There was always this feeling of adventure and pure bad-assery. I don’t care what anyone says about being 21, there’s nothing quite like the thrill of flashing your fake ID to a muscle head bouncer with your friends giggling in the background.

4. Friends

Sure, a lot of my high school friends were shitty. The drama was petty and the backstabbing was brutal. And yeah, I know that a few great friends are much better than a bunch of not so great ones, but I miss having such a large group to choose from. Eating dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings was an event, and we would happily wait for a table that fit all 10 of us. Now, I am lucky if I can find one person that wants to grab some food… even if I am paying.

We should really stop telling kids that they have to wait until graduation to have the best years of their life. College is great in its own way, but it should never be compared to high school. There’s actually a ton to miss about high school, and you only get four short years of it.

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