4 Things They Don’t Tell You About College


#1: You will get fat.

Ah, the sad truth about the Freshman Fifteen. Listen closely. This is a real thing. Unless you take measures to prevent it. Now that doesn’t mean calorie counting and excessive exercise. That means making a conscious choice to not eat cafeteria cheeseburgers and curly fries every single night. It means dusting off those running shoes. And it means not binge-eating an entire bag of Pizza Rolls every time you have the drunk munchies.

The real truth about college life? There are ample opportunities to get fat. But it’s not your fault. There’s snacks in every vending machine, a fast-food chain at every corner, friends with plans, and big care packages filled with goodies from home. Sometimes you just can’t help it. Sure, someone along the way probably warned you, Look at so-and-so, she got so chunky since sophomore year! And you probably rolled your eyes, Ew. There’s no way that’s going to happen to me. Then one day you find yourself sitting on the edge of your dorm bed, attempting to wiggle into those booty shorts from last August with no luck.

The good news? It’s never too late. Toss those shorts in the Good Will pile and change your habits. Your post-college bod will thank you.

#2: Yoga pants aren’t dress pants.

Let’s talk yoga pants for a second. They’re comfy, versatile, easy, and cute. Especially if you have a butt. (PSA: Even if you really don’t, a good pair of yogas can do that for you. It’s magic!)

Yoga pants are the gods of college life. What to wear to class when you’re tired and don’t want to be there? Yogas. What to wear for a night out with a cute top? Yogas. What to wear to the gym? Yogas. What to wear to church with a fancy sweater when you just don’t feel like putting on jeans? Yogas.

They’re pretty much the answer to everything. Until you get out of college.

Now here’s the thing they don’t tell you in college: yoga pants aren’t dress pants. Woah, wait. Seriously? Yes, seriously.

Imagine yourself in your first real-life job. You have on a coat of lipstick, a cute blouse, a new pair of flats, and….yoga pants?! No. As much as we wish they were, yoga pants aren’t real life.

#3: Guys aren’t everything.

An important message for some college gals: Just so you know, college is about getting an education. Not getting a boyfriend.

Now there’s nothing wrong with dating, falling in love, meeting a guy’s family and getting serious. Those are all a beautiful part of life. Even college life. But guys aren’t everything.

Finding a serious boyfriend in college isn’t a must, or a guarantee. Sometimes we spend so much time and energy looking for Mr. Right that we forget what college is really about—learning as much as we can, enjoying ourselves, getting to know people, and preparing for the next step in our lives. Chase dreams, not guys. You’ll bump into love somewhere along the way.

#4: Neither are girls.

College is supposed to be this glorious, fun-filled time where you meet the best friends you’ve always wanted and share gossip, drinks, and nights of junk food and secrets, right? Well, sometimes. Sometimes you’ll meet the amazing girls that you know will stay in your life forever. But not always.

Hate to burst your bubble, but in college you’ll still see the same two-faced chicks and the same high school mentality. You’ll run into the friends that will talk behind your back and the b*tches that will steal your boyfriend.

Girls aren’t everything. Your life isn’t ruined if you don’t have the best girlfriends in the entire world, or even any girlfriends at all. Just like with guys, you’ll meet friends along the way. In the meantime do what makes you happy and stop worrying about what your life’s ‘supposed’ to look like. None of us make it out of this life alive anyways.