4 Things We All Need To Leave Behind In 2016


If I had to use one phrase to describe 2016, it would probably be “an apocalyptic shitshow.” While many incidents were unpreventable and simply served to lower our already-decreasing faith in humanity, there were a few trends that should not have gone on as long as they did. That being said, I whole-heartedly believe that they should be abolished as we move forward into 2017. Here are a few of them.

1. Facebook Live.

One new Facebook notification? Nice! I hope it’s another “like” on my eloquently-written status that claims it’s “not picking sides” but is still implying that one presidential candidate is infinitely better than the other.

However, to my astonishment, it’s just a notification that “So-and- so is now live”, leading me to a 5-minute video of them freestyling.

Facebook is infuriating enough on its own with the abundance of ill-informed opinions and cringe-worthy photos of you and “your person” – let’s not let people embarrass themselves more than they already have.

2. The dog filter on snapchat.

It was cute and entertaining at first – and not to mention, the perfect excuse to innocently send a playful selfie to your crush without looking overly thirsty. However, it’s safe to say it has run its course.

All dogs may go to heaven, but let’s put this filter in hell.

3. The God awful obsession with the Kardashians.

I realize that this isn’t a new thing – however, I can’t begin to fathom why it’s still going. We get it – Kim has a huge ass and “slays” contouring, Kylie looks like a 35-year- old robot, and if you still call Caitlin “Bruce”, you are being soooo insensitive and offending everyone.

Let’s be honest – Scott Disick was literally the only good thing about that show because of the way he roasted the entire family mercilessly. Otherwise, nobody really gives a shit.


4. The obsession with Netflix, pizza, and cuddling with your cat because you don’t have a “bae.”

No one would bat an eye about your lack of weekend plans or a boyfriend – except for the fact that you’re Tweeting up a storm about it. While mocking yourself is an attempt to hide your insecurities, it’s actually doing the opposite – and instead just seems like a plea for attention.

Our generation also weirdly glamourizes the concept of being lazy and avoiding people – and to be fair, based on how things are going in the country at the moment, sometimes it’s hard to resist doing so.

So here’s hoping that 2017 will be less of a train wreck than 2016 was – and if not, I’m sure there will be another nostalgia-fueled game coming up quickly to distract us through it all. (I think it’s about time for a new Pokemon Go, don’t you?)