4 Things Women Can Do Better In Relationships


Every girl dreams of her prince charming coming to sweep her off her feet, just like in a Disney movie. They all grow up watching movies that tell you that your prince is out there in the world. The perfect guy is out there, but not in the way many of you probably think about or that is laid out for you in movies. Being a huge Disney fanatic myself, it is always nice to spend a night getting caught up in the story of the fairytales and wish society worked this way, but unfortunately it doesn’t. Today, we have smartphones, Tinder, and social media, which has forever changed the dating game.

Women have always been told they are “prizes to be won,” but in today’s world it is about both sexes working together to make a relationship work. In today’s society, women have to earn men just has much as men have to earn women. With this in mind, I have laid out things women can do to maintain a solid relationship.

1. Don’t wait hours to reply to a text

This old rule needs to be broken. We all have smartphones and get texts right away. They are constantly always on us and I think it is ridiculous that some people wait forever to respond to a text. News flash: we all know you read it so just respond. A text is kind of like your immediate though, so it shouldn’t take hours trying to write the perfect message.

2. Do things your guy is interested in

When you like a guy or are in a relationship with someone it is always a special thing to show them how much you really care. Take the time to do something nice. It doesn’t have to be cheesy or romantic – sometimes just spending a night watching his favorite movies can work. The important thing is that your spending time together and getting involved in interests other than your own. Who knows he might even be more interested in you when you have more things in common.

3. Don’t be too needy

This is my biggest problem with girls today. I have so many friends who fall head over heels for a guy and then are so needy that they end up pushing the guys away. I think that many people in our world are afraid to be alone and when they finally find someone to spend time with they think that they have to spend every waking second with them. Ladies, guys need time for themselves too. Yes they want to be with you, but probably not all the time. They want to go spend a night out with their friends – you have to trust them enough to let them do their own thing sometimes.

4. Be yourself

Finally, a girl should be comfortable in her own skin. This is something everyone always tells you to do. Like when your nervous for a job interview, everyone’s advice is “just be yourself”. This can be harder then it sounds, I am well aware. The biggest point I want to make is to be honest and stay true to who you are. Don’t lie to get a guy interested in you or make things up about yourself – they should like you for who you are and vice versa.

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