4 Things Women Think They Know About Men, But Don’t


Often times, men are put in a box. Most women base their opinion of many men off the character of one — whether it be her father, brother or an ex. However, that’s just not the case. In fact, it’s far from it. We can NOT be defined by any one man’s actions, hobbies or beliefs.

Don’t quite believe me? Here are 4 things you absolutely need to know about your man (h*ll, any man): 

1. We WANT you to win.

This is a time of great recognition, achievement, and ascension for women — it’s long overdue and well deserved. As I constantly state, women’s success is a very good thing for men. When women succeed we can all be happy and have a bit more cash in the pockets of our skinny jeans. You know the old saying, “Happy wife means a happy life”? Well, it’s true, whether you’re committed by marriage or not. 

If your female partner is smiling, it’s a very good thing for you, amigo. It’s one less thing to worry about. And I promise you that your female companion is pulling hard for you. Women want their men to succeed and despite all of the hating and misogyny that gets played out in our pop culture, real “Guy’s Guys” want women to succeed also. Let’s keep that as our baseline.
Ladies, not only do we want you to get what you want, but we also want you to get what you need.

2. Most guys like sports, but to different degrees.

If you walk the streets of Manhattan on a Sunday afternoon, you might think that with all of the NFL jerseys you see that every guy is totally into football. Sure, a lot of men love managing their fantasy teams, but there are lots of guys who could care less about the plight of the Jets,Giants or Dallas Cowboys. That said, they probably have their pet team or sport or player that they follow. Maybe a guy hates football, but loves tennis and follows Roger Federer.

Not all men are jocks and even the ones that are have other interests, even if at times they seem addicted to ESPN SportsCenter. Men like sports for three reasons: escapism, real-life drama, and unpredictability. Unlike those housewives shows, where you’re always just a moment away from an insult or a b*tch slap — with sporting events — you’re never quite sure of the outcome. Just ask Manny Pacquaio. It’s about personal preference and one size does NOT fit all. 

I’ll bet most guys prefer a hearty breakfast to brunch, but even if your guy isn’t football crazy don’t assume he wants to go to Café Cluney this Sunday. Just like you, we have layers. But, I’ve yet to meet a woman who doesn’t enjoy watching House Hunters International.

3. Men don’t talk about sex with each other.

Women, pay attention. Thank God. Men are lousy at paying attention. Sad, but true. And, unlike female gatherings, when men get together we don’t sit around and talk about women, our girlfriends or having sex with them. 

If a guy needs to talk about something personal with another guy, he’ll pick one of his best buds and have a one-on-one. That’s it. There is no, “And then she did this really weird thing with her hoo haa …” We don’t do that. Ever.

4. We can’t read your mind.

Let me make this crystal clear: We don’t know what you’re thinking. How many times have you heard that a woman has dumped a guy and the guy was totally blindsided? He had no idea that there were deep-seated issues in the relationship before he got whacked. You’ve heard this song a thousand times.

Guys assume that if you don’t say anything that things are just peachy. That’s because when guys have a problem they say so. Ladies, please let guys know when there are storm clouds on the horizon. Guys want you to truly be happy. If you give them a fair warning you might be pleasantly surprised at how they respond.

This post originally appeared at YourTango.