4 Things You Need To Say Goodbye To If You Want To Move On With Your Life And Become A Better Person


Letting go is something most of us struggle with to some degree because it requires us to relinquish control and requires us to be honest with ourselves regarding things that don’t serve us well. Saying goodbye to things or people we once held dear or habits that kept us afloat at one time is never easy because it often calls for us to make changes in our lives or let go of life as we once knew it or hoped it would be.

We often hold onto things or people because they offer us comfort, familiarity and some form of escape from the day to day demands and stresses of life without realizing that some of the things we hold onto are sometimes the very things that keep us stuck in life and prevent us from fully living and embracing life. We do ourselves a great disservice when we insist on holding onto things that steal our peace and joy, keep us from experiencing our full potential or disrupt the smooth flow of life because of our attachment to them.

The following are things I believe we all need to say goodbye to if we desire to get to the next level in our lives:

Limiting Beliefs & Thoughts

Any limiting belief or thought that sets itself up against you, makes you feel less than and causes you to shrink back in life as opposed to move forward. This is definitely something you need to let go of ASAP before it continues to hinder you and stop you from realizing your dreams or potential.

The way you see yourself and the things you tell yourself about yourself play a huge role in determining what you choose to embrace in life and how you choose to live your life. As long as you live thinking that you aren’t worthy of the great things you desire and that are out of reach for you the more likely you are to turn those thoughts and beliefs into reality. Realize today, that you have the power within you to create and re-write your destiny.


Any habit that stands in the way of you becoming the person you want to become, that prevents you from being the best you can be or unnecessarily uses up your time, energy and resources should be released from your life. Non self-supporting habits such as excessive partying and drinking, careless spending habits, too much TV watching or net surfing and self-sabotaging personality habits will prove to be your biggest foes if you don’t rein them in.

The Past

One of the main reasons people struggle with moving forward in life is because they are often still stuck in their past and very much prisoners to it. Your past has the ability to not only interfere with your present but also hinder and destroy your future if you allow it to. Letting go of the past and everything you had hoped it would be, although difficult, is necessary as it is the first step towards forgiveness and re-claiming your life. As long as you remain focused on the rearview mirror of your life, you will fail to notice and recognize the wonderful opportunities before you.


Letting go of people you once held dear is probably one of the hardest things you will ever do in life. Just like with everything else, some relationships have to come to an end, not only because you have outgrown them but because you no longer need them or can afford to entertain them.

The wrong people will hold you back in life and keep you from getting to where you need to be if you aren’t careful. If someone doesn’t support you, celebrate you, add value to your life, see your worth, adds drama to your life, puts you down, makes you doubt yourself; you definitely need to release them from your life and accept that their part in your story has come to an end.