4 Types Of Customers That Really Ruin The Cashier’s Day


1. Coupon users who do not read.

“Why didn’t my free coupon go through? I have a Low Carb Thomas English Muffin”

“Ma’am that coupon is for the Original Thomas English Muffin”

*Awkward silence*

Customers please read your coupons correctly. We know, you probably had a “long and stressful day,” but just because your bad day is an everyday thing does not mean you have to put that bad attitude of yours onto everyone else. If it is not the correct coupon we cannot discount it for you. Coupons are specific because it is a form of advertisement for you to try new things. So those Original Thomas English Muffins might be your new favorite breakfast item.

2. Senior Citizens who play the “I’m old” card.

Here’s the thing about senior citizens, they can be our sweetest customers ever, or our worst nightmares. Yes you still have to pay for your eggs; no we cannot make exceptions because you are old. Some stores actually provide a senior citizen day, which allow up to a 5% discount on your groceries. Take advantage of it! You do not need to remind us of your age to make us feel guilty. We already feel enough guilt…for doing this cashier job.

3. Cell phone users who do not stop talking in line.

This type of customer has their ups and downs. The up side is that they are more than likely to not pay attention to their groceries, so they are not fickle about the prices of every item. The down side is that is just plain rude. Is it absolutely necessary to talk to your friend about the big party you had last night? Or how wasted you got and cannot remember what you did? We’re not asking you to give us all of your attention, but when we ask how you would like to pay for your order and you are busy off in your own world it gets to be annoying.

4. Entire families who do not bag a single thing.

Although it is not required of the customer to bag their own groceries, we sometimes question why your perfectly capable family of six cannot help us bag YOUR groceries. Bagging your order of $300 worth of items for you while you sit there stagnant is not a simpler feat. It’s apparent that you want to be home on the couch watching cable television, why not make it quicker by helping a fellow human out? Oh you had a long and stressful day? That’s too bad.

It’s obvious that not every cashier is cheerful or bubbly, we get that, but if you can at least gain our perspective from this, maybe then you’ll understand too that we ALL have had a long and stressful day.

image – Shutterstock