4 Types of Erotica That Are Surprisingly Good


Hidden under school desks by teenagers and discussed in mere whispers by adults, erotica novels have gained a bad rep. And yet, subsequent to the explosion of 50 Shades of Grey in mainstream fiction, and many other works of erotica following suit, an interest in romance novels is no longer something to be ashamed of.

Billionaires, alpha males, and even vampires and werewolves have all become part of a common repertoire in the erotica universe. But, believe it or not, it gets weirder. And you’d be surprised to find that many of the mysterious storylines and objects of affection that you’ve yet to discover make for very steamy reading.

Here are the top four erotic sub-genres from which hot scenes and intriguing plots are probably the last things you’d expect.

1. Cavemen

I’ll be the first to admit that it’s difficult to resist a “real man”: abs, broad shoulders, hairiness and all.
Therefore, after laying eyes on Held Captive by the Cavemen, I raised a brow at the notion of anyone being interested in reading it. But then the curiosity took over. I clicked on it, read some reviews and was eventually spurred on to send it to my Kindle.

Rough, alive and quite creative – the qualities that make an erotica story a work of art – this book was certainly more titillating than I imagined.

2. Amish

This was a particularly weird one for me. Or at least at first.

I have a lot of respect for the decision to identify with a religion. However, I don’t practice any religion myself, so I can’t fully relate to such beliefs – and much less some of the strictest in the US.

When I saw The Farmer Next Door, I imagined it to be puerile and awkward – kind of like the sex you get in bad comedies. But, to my surprise (and slight shame), it was good. It wasn’t quite what I’d define as erotica, but it was a warm, mellow, sweet romance story that I grew quite engrossed in, and the characters had much more depth than I expected. It’s a book I would recommend for a night in with a cup of hot chocolate (or, my personal preference, red wine).

3. Christmas

I have always had a unique relationship with Christmas. Lurking somewhere in between love and the deepest kind of hate, my feelings for this holiday make the experience one not worth enduring.

Nevertheless, I gave my heart to the kind of romance hero you can only find in dreams last Christmas. Reading about Rance Durand, of All Wrapped up for Christmas, and his painfully realistic womanizing strategies, was a one-of-a-kind adventure.

I know, he’s just a fictional character. But wait till you’ve read it.

4. Gargoyles

Yes, the not-so-pretty statues are unappealing in most settings, let alone one centered on erotica – needless to say, I was suspicious of their ability to attract me.

Before long, however, I found myself genuinely captivated by Stone Cold Lover. The strange allure of the gargoyle image, as well as the story itself, kept me up all night – I couldn’t put the book down. That was the night gargoyles somehow became a favorite of mine, and I’m not ashamed to admit it.