4 Types Of Girls All Guys Need To Watch Out For


There seem to be many articles on the type of guys that girls should look out for, but I’ve rarely seen any articles on what types of girls guys should look out for.

I’ve seen guy friends and relatives fall for the most manipulative girls who parade an innocent façade and then when things fall apart they put the blame on the guy. And it’s so easy to get people to believe that the girl is the victim when she’s not.

Girls can be heartbreakers too, and it’s not cute.

1. The Taylor Swift

Yes I can imagine the eye-rolls. Jokes about this faux-country singer turned pop icon are getting old but girls like her are everywhere. Girls like her never get tired of being portrayed as the Damsel in Distress and utilize every chance they can get to be the victim. Be it date guys who they know will treat them like crap or be themselves; in this case have as much character as a mannequin and when you decide to break up with them they put up this big show of how you broke their little hearts and won’t let you forget it.
Over time they’ll get bored and leave you alone, but sometimes they get a little too violent. So don’t be too scared to file a report.

2. ‘One Of The Boys’

She hangs out with more guys than girls because she claims guys get her and girls hate her because she’s different. Which is all fine…if she was seven.

But instead of baseball caps, stained t-shirts, and dirty sneakers, her outfit is usually tight tops (sometimes showing her muffin-tops), leggings, six-inch heels and a nose-ring.
 There are so many rumors going around about her stealing other girls’ boyfriends and most of her relationships don’t exceed two months (for which she claims there was never a relationship to begin with and you two were only “hanging out”). She usually goes for younger guys and sometimes complains of random guys who send her pictures of their…meat.

3. The Feminazi

Her heroes include Lena Dunham (the female version of Josh Duggar and has falsely accused an innocent man of raping her to boost sales of her book), Tess Holliday (started the #EffYourBeautyStandards campaign and yet applies loads of makeup, claims to love being fat, but has her own personal trainer amongst other hypocritical claims), Meghan Trainor (made a joke about Anorexia and listens to bad advice from her mom) and Beyonce who for some reason can’t explain exactly why she’s a feminist role model.

She can’t tell you who Malala Yousafzai or Michelle Knight amongst other women who were tortured by men, but refuse to blame all men for their traumatic experience with a few animals. Every little thing in the first-world oppresses her, every little thing a man does is considered rape and takes two seats on the subway while others are standing.

4. The Tumblr-ista

She’s in a relationship for the sake of attention in the form of comments and likes on her social media. She spends more time taking cutesy pictures with you than actually getting to know you. She documents every little detail of your dates and screams, “You don’t love me!” when you tell her you can’t afford to order the most expensive dish in the fancy restaurant she forced you to take her to so she could send her friends over five minutes of Snapchat pics and vids.

So these were just a few of the monsters that I’ve seen guys I know date and trust me, they never end well no matter how understanding or faithful you try to be.

Just a piece of advice, ask around or check her social media if you can. Good girlfriends always give as much respect as they expect to get.