4 Types Of Guys On Tinder That Are Never Worth It


Many of us are familiar with the phrase “swipe right,” but swiping right or left can’t prepare you for actually meeting the person face to face. If you are looking to find someone you enjoy spending time with and are actually physically attracted to Tinder seems like a safe bet, but some of the guys on Tinder may have different intentions.

We should think of Tinder more as a workout for your fingers than an actual matchmaker to find your “soul mate.” Here are some of the guys your fingers may come across on Tinder and the guys you should stay more than a finger length away from.

Six Pack Simon: The guy with his shirt off

There are a lot of guys on Tinder that find it necessary to show the ladies what they are packing, and I don’t mean in their briefcase. The guy on Tinder who has his default picture set to himself without his shirt on, especially if it is a selfie, is probably over compensating for some other less appealing quality. He clearly knows what he’s got and wants to show it off, which is completely fine, but what does it say about him if he thinks you’re going to swipe right because of his rock solid bod? It usually says, “The ladies won’t be able to resist this,” and unless you’ve got a great personality to back it up, which we will never know via Tinder, then yes we can resist you and your washboard six pack, and my swipe left will prove it.

Artsy Alex: The guy with his guitar

This is the artsy guy with an alternative style. Whether his picture shows him chilling in a beanie, strumming his guitar, or standing in front of an empty canvas with a paint covered smock, you are thinking he is different, mysterious, intriguing. Yes, he may be all of those things, but just because he is into art doesn’t mean he is any less into himself. He is clearly different from the cocky jock (written about above) and seems to have some entertaining hobbies and interests, but he is still engaging in the same superficial dating app that those other six packed Simons are using, which means he may have the same intentions as well. So before you assume that he is “nice” because he is artsy and alternative, remember you found him on Tinder, which is an app that requires the swipe of a finger based on someone’s physical appearance to decide whether you are a match or not.

Professional Paul: The guy who’s dressed for work

You’re thinking, “Oh look at him, he’s professional, must be mature and driven.” Yes, a big part of growing up is getting a job, but just because he works hard at his job, doesn’t mean he gives the same effort to his relationships. It is usually a plus when a woman finds a man who works. It means he isn’t lazy, and has goals, but it also means he is smart and savvy. The same knowledge he uses at work, he uses on Tinder. He knows how to play the cards to get what he wants because he has clearly already done that to land a job. Just be weary of the guy who looks like a trained professional, because chances are he is also a professional when it comes to things beyond his career description.

Cute Puppy Peter: The guy with the cute puppy

This guy may be even smarter than Professional Paul. He is thinking he will get more swipes right because he has an undeniably adorable, furry little puppy in his arms, but don’t let those puppy eyes fool you. The fact that he has his irresistible pet in his photo could mean two things. Either A) he thinks he is just as irresistible as the puppy, or B) he thinks the puppy will make up for his less irresistible qualities. Either way he is using his cute pet as a tool and chances are he’s the tool, not the puppy.