4 Types Of People You Need To Never Forget


Over the course of a lifetime, we will meet and forget so many different people. We love the ones who stay, and hate the ones who leave — however, hating those who walk out of our lives doesn’t mean that we can easily forget them and the ones we love doesn’t necessarily mean that they should stay in our lives either. Life is one big mess full of emotions that you’ll never quite figure out, and full of so many people that you’ll never quite figure out as well. Why do forget the people who never did us wrong, but remember those who have wronged us? Here are the four types of people who you need to never forget—they may have not all treated you the way you deserve to be treated, but they have taught you lessons to live by.

1. The Person You First Fall In Love With

They’re the person who may not be who you end up with or even someone who is remotely close to someone you should be with—they’re your training wheels for a safer ride down the road. You feel like you’re on solid ground for a moment when you’re around them, but when they’re gone you find yourself falling to the ground and not being able to keep yourself steady. It may not even be real love, you may just be totally in love with the idea of them, but they’re the first person that gets you thinking of that four-letter word. And when they tell you first that they love you, you almost believe them too. Hold on to them forever, or at least the thought of them.

2. The Person Who You Lose Your Virginity To

In my case, this came after the person I first fell in love with. You don’t always lose your virginity in this fairytale type of way. It may be late at night, in a college dorm on a twin XL after you’ve had a bit too much wine—but nonetheless, it happened and as hard as you try to forget that it happened in that way, you can’t and that is okay. But, you shouldn’t forget that special or not-so-special person who you gave it up for—they’re a part of your story and in a sense, a part of them is with you forever.

3. The Person Who Cheats On You

Now, I didn’t specify “first person” because I hope this never happens to you, but if you’re like me and so many others, it has and that is not okay and there is absolutely no reason for it to happen again. This person makes you feel like you’re completely worthless and even though you shouldn’t carry that feeling with you, you should carry with you how the experience made you grow. Stand up and make that bastard remember that they made the wrong choice and go about your life fabulously as ever—remembering that they can never do better than you.

4. The Person Who Loves You Unconditionally And Shouldn’t

Face it, they will never not love you and even though you don’t love them in the same capacity doesn’t mean that you should write them out of your life. This is a controversial point, I realize, but in terms of remembrance, the fact that someone could blindly love you that much is an amazing pick-me-up after dealing with so many people that have let you down. They’re always going to think that the sun shines out of your ass and trust me; sometimes you need to believe that it does. Keep their memory and set them free to find their own #4.

Your past needs to meet your present and future; forgetting the past won’t help you move on. Even though these experiences may just be blips on your timelines, they are huge in your heart — remember that.

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