4 Ways To Bring More Happiness To Your Life


Happiness is the cousin of love. It’s undefined and one of the most desired feelings in the world. Everyone has something to say about it – scientists, psychologists, doctors, teachers, priests, your parents. However, the person who has the most valuable opinion on how to obtain the abstract feeling of happiness is…well, you.

Multi-Millionaire motivational speaker Lisa Nichols says in one of her popular videos, “Happiness is a verb…it’s a being, doing, living…It’s something that sits in your soul and also bubbles on the top of your skin.” As in, happiness is something you act on every single day of your life. You don’t just sit by your tv and drown in sadness, expecting it to go away on its own. You go for that run. You meet that friend. You treat yourself. Happiness is not a fairy tale. You are not a princess, and your prince is not coming on a white horse to bring you laughter, healing and everything you desire. Fight for it:


We tend to live fast-paced lives; taking advantage of every minute before the clock runs out. Taking care of those we love, our homes, and our work. When we give, give give and never take a moment to ourselves we wear ourselves thin and remain in a cycle of anxiety and unhappiness. Tonight, take a moment to sit with yourself, to delve into those dark corners of your mind that have remained untouched for ages. Think about your character lately -what have you absorbed from that untouched darkness? Make a list. Be aware. Let it go.

Exercise control over your life.

Stop telling yourself that you’ll quit that unhealthy habit tomorrow. You are in control right now. You have the ability to control whatever situation presents itself in your life. Just imagine this…if you cannot control your own impulses, how much control do other people have over you? When you do not exercise control of your own body and decisions, you are subject to being controlled by everyone that surrounds you. That means you won’t be living the kind of life you choose for yourself, rather a life everyone else decided for you. Learn to use the word no…and stop feeling guilty about it.

Don’t feel bad about feeling bad.

Embrace the darkness in your life, just like you embrace the light. The truth is, if there weren’t any bad moments in your life you wouldn’t even recognize happiness. Feeling bad in certain moments in your life just means one thing…you’re a completely normal human being. Cry it out. Let the bad consume you – exhaust all of it and release it into the world so that you may take in more light.

Law of attraction.

Modern-day gurus keep talking about the “law of attraction,” but what exactly is it? When you practice the law of attraction, you shouldn’t exactly sit and recite a mantra of what is you want every day, but rather you must begin to see yourself as worthy of attracting that which you desire. The way you carry yourself in your life, around others and when you are alone should signal to the universe that you are worthy of all which you desire. Your daily actions are not without purpose, they have a direct goal which is to attract the kind of life that you want. Yes, you must ask in order to receive, but you must also be ready to receive that which you ask for. Even if you were to receive what you desired without shifting your actions, you might not recognize it when it comes to you because your actions and thoughts are focused elsewhere. Practice the law of attraction in your daily life, and watch happiness find you wherever you go.