4 Women’s Issues That Actually Have Surprisingly Simple Solutions


1. The “Wage Gap”

The first step to eliminating the wage gap is eliminating the assumption any two people preform equally in the same position. I have plenty of co-workers that are male and female. There is not one person who is equal to me as an employee. We all have different life experiences and skills. If you want more money become a more valuable employee and negotiate compensation. Don’t half ass your job and then wonder why Steve, who devotes his time acquiring more skills, gets paid more.

2. Being Called A “Slut” For Liking Sex

Any man or woman has free will to have sex with whoever they want. Society is always going to judge what is moral regarding sex. I have never been called a slut in my life although maybe others have thought it. But I have never been called any names regarding my sexual preferences. I keep my sex life private except and confined to those involved in my sex life.  There is an old phrase for this, “Don’t air out your dirty laundry in public.”  If you want people to stop judging you, care about your reputation. Don’t make it easy for others to gossip about you by volunteering too much information. 

3. “Rape Culture”

Women are sounding the alarms about rape culture. I can’t go a week without seeing an article about rape culture. How do you reduce rape culture? You take personal steps to prevent easy opportunities of being attacked. I don’t drink alcohol around men I don’t know. I ask male co-workers that I know and trust  to escort me to my car at night. I don’t let my male friends hang out alone with me. I don’t worry about rape culture because I stay sober in public and I spend time with men in social settings. I am not a woman who thinks rape is something that happens to other women. I know I physically cannot fight off a man who wishes me harm. However, doing the above eliminates almost all of the situations where rape actually occurs.

4. Accepting Your Body

I have felt ashamed of my body in the past. I didn’t measure up to the women in the media. But I can’t blame the media for this problem. People like to see physically attractive people. Any movie or television show is out to make a profit. Advertisers are out to make a profit. Companies are out to make a profit. If physically attractive people did not sell products they would not be in the media.

To combat this body issue I cut most advertising and marketing influences out of my life. I haven’t owned cable in years. I don’t sit in front of the television seeing a constant stream of food advertisements that influence my behavior. I don’t buy women’s magazines that will make me feel bad about myself. I don’t wear clothing not meant for my body type.

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