40 People On The Worst Trait A Significant Other Can Have


found on AskReddit.

1. undercoverbrutha

Unfaithful, or abusive. Obviously cheating or hitting you is the worst. Being cheated on sucks really badly.

2.  TonkaTitties

My ex used to have a weird thing about keeping eye contact with everything. Kissing? Keep your eyes open and stare at each other. Sex? Better stare at my eyes. Blowjob? STARE AT EACH OTHER It was bad,

3. TerrytheMerry

Being hot headed, I’m an extremely chill person and don’t hold grudges often and I like people with similar mentality to that. I don’t want to be trying to hold you back because some drunk swatted at you or made a stupid comment. Walk away don’t hit it’s much more attractive and makes me feel safer about you when we’re alone.

4. cpxh


5. DoktorSteven

I had an ex that would constantly stop while we were making out, look me dead in the eye, and ask, “What are you thinking?” As a horny 16 year old I wanted to say, “Getting those pants off,” but I figured that would be a bad move since she was very religious. After all of that I was pretty much ready for her to go home.

6. Ihavenocomments

There’s simply nothing else that compares to selfishness when gauging the difficulty of making a relationship succeed. Everything else can be worked on, but of they are only thinking of themselves, there’s no point.

7. quitepertinent

Women obsessed with marriage. Many women are infatuated with the idea of marriage. They’ve planned out their lives to the finest silly detail and they see happiness as some sort of utopia that they can create by following certain steps. They must have two children by the time they’re 32 and they had better be living in a cute white house with a pug and a quirky neighbor who does good impressions. If any girl mentions making a family or getting married before you’ve even gotten to know her, run away.

8. tastefulbarbarian

Neediness, nothing is worse than having to do everything for somebody.

9. DiscipleofGrohl

Everyone hit the others I would list, but I think these need to be added:

Poor communication and understanding relationships are not a one-way street. Both parties have to contribute and compromise.

10. StickleyMan

Being willfully apathetic towards my interests, emotions, and overall well-being. Having no interest in anything that interests me, and no interest in even developing an interest in it. It’s a shitty way to go through a relationship.

11. brainbuzz

Being a hypocrite

12. The1RGood

I was kinda hitting it off with a girl, until she started apologizing all the time, for shit that was no big deal. What’s worse, is she would say “Sowwie”, instead of “sorry” like an adult. Instant turn-off.

13. eDgAR-


14. gettingoldernotwiser

General disrespect.

15. yumenonaka

Being constantly condescending

16. EquationTAKEN

The inability to talk about the important stuff because you want to “avoid drama”.

17. The1RGood

I’m not really sure how to talk to people who form an opinion without questioning it. The reason “cuz it’s bad” just isn’t good enough for me.

18. idiosyncrassy

Being controlling. You think you’ve met a perfectly nice guy or gal, but over time they think they have the right to snoop through your shit, listen in on your calls, scare away your friends, antagonize your family. The worst ones: Call you up at your job, make you stay at home. Why? Because they think you can’t go through the drive-thru at McDonald’s without potentially hooking up with some strange.

If you like being a prison warden so much, go be a pen pal to some convict in Angola. Don’t mindfuck some perfectly nice, normal person.

19. sobe86

Being on fire.

20. ForToday

Being indecisive, it sucks to always have to be the one making decisions.

21. sololololo

flying off the handle for minor transgressions. Ugh. Hate that.

22. aurahrahrah

Obvious points aside (like violence or selfishness), I think laziness is a terrible trait. People need to be willing to put in hard work in all areas of their life – especially relationships. Anyone who isn’t willing to work for what they want will expect you to hand it to them, and that causes resentment.

23. TheGreatPastaWars

Not listening. They say good communication is the foundation of a good relationship, so it sucks when the other person just doesn’t listen. I’m not talking about when you have to repeat yourself, you know, the absent-minded type of not listening. I’m talking about being dismissive, avoiding issues, etc.

24. babbotunde

Bad hygiene.

25. laststandman

It’s not the worst, but not having any hobbies/passions and getting upset when you engage in yours

26. RXL

Inability to compromise. If you live your life with an “It’s my way or no way at all” attitude you’ll soon have so much resentment towards each other that a relationship becomes impossible.

27. Crashdyne

Being Imaginary

28. Linseal

A plan.

29. mikemcg

Not understanding you. I think the the most crucial thing you need in an SO is understanding. This person you’ll be spending so much time with intimately has to at least be willing to understand and accept why you do certain things. You’re flawed just like everyone else and they need to get that.

30. ranianGenius

Indifference. The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference.

31. BangingABigTheory

Being spoiled. Damn I couldn’t stand that. Sorry you are used to your daddy’s Doctor salary but I’m a college student.
It wasn’t even about the money though it was just how she acted with her parents. And how she would complain until she got what she wanted (which they would always give to her). That’s when I realized we were done. I know I could never marry this girl so what am I even doing.

32. LunarBomber

Sharing everything that goes on between you with friends. To the point that anything you said might as well be said to the group.

33. A_Dog_Chasing_Cars

Maybe not the worst, but I couldn’t stand being with someone who has no sense of humor.

34. disappointing-ones

Being annoying for attention. Oh god the thought disgusts me.

35. invalid_usr

Overindulgence and lack of fiscal responsibility

36. Problem with my SO

He overindulges in everything he does. Once he starts drinking, he doesn’t stop til he passes out.

Smoking – pack a day

Drugs – this is a new one. we promised we never would. he did, and now can’t or won’t stop

Spending – doesn’t care about supporting his other habits, spends all his money then forces me to support his habits (drinking/smoking).

Big heart and very very loving sweet person. But overindulgence is killing our relationship.

37. _monty

Not having your back in the public sphere. My SO and shit-talk and argue and yell sometimes – IN PRIVATE. Alone. With only each other. And my goodness does that man know my flaws and insecurities! It stings sometimes. That said, all I know that all of what he says when I’m not there upholds me and puts me in a good light.

38. whattayaknow

Inability to “fight” or disagree with civility. You learn so much more about someone when fighting with them than you do when you’re on great terms with them.

39. Trlckery

Ability to lie without remorse.

40. ThunderSnatch

Cheating seems obvious. How about talking at the movies?