40 Things Every Woman Finds Attractive About You That Have Nothing To Do With Looks


1. How you talk about the people in your life.

2. If you don’t play games or mess with her head.

3. If you are positive.

4. When you get really excited talking about goals or projects you have planned.

5. If you are close to your mom and sisters.

6. How you treat people doing a service to you.

7. If you tip them well.

8. If you have a career and not a job.

9. When you have a plan for the future.

10. If you keep your word.

11. When you remember details and listen well.

12. If you ask questions and not just talk about yourself.

13. How you act on a night out drinking and if you aren’t mean when you get drunk.

14. If you take care of her when she’s had too much to drink.

15. When you talk about the future more than the past.

16. If you’re confident in who you are.

17. If you take good care of yourself. Mentally. Physically. Emotionally. It shows you love yourself and can love her.

18. If you don’t talk about your ex a lot.

19. If you talk more about things and less about people.

20. When you give her your undivided attention and aren’t attached to your phone.

21. How you make her feel about herself.

22. When you hold open doors, pull out chairs and pay showing her chivalry isn’t dead.

23. When you can hold an intellectual conversation.

24. When you challenge or teach her without belittling her.

25. When you don’t care to broadcast your relationship across social media. But you do show you care about her.

26. When you talk about the problems and resolve it.

27. When you give her, her freedom and don’t feel the need to check up on her.

28. When you take the time to actually learn what she likes in bed.

29. When you respect her and her views even if they are different than your own.

30. When you show random bits of attention like a kiss she wasn’t expecting or holding your hand on her back.

31. When you hold her if she breaks down and cries.

32. When you make an effort with her friends and family.

33. When you drive long distances just to see her.

34. When you surprise her with things she likes.

35. When you aren’t afraid to be vulnerable.

36. When you support her and learn more about the things she likes.

37. If you’re a dog person.

38. If you push her to do something she’s scared of.

39. If you hold her close at night and kiss her forehead.

40. If you’re always reaching for her hand when you’re walking.

* If you say I love you first.