40 Things Teens Can Do Besides The Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge


This #KylieJennerLipChallenge is getting a little ridiculous. Kylie is a millionaire, guys. She has access to probably some alien science for that pout and also: professional makeup artists. Stop putting your perfectly good mouth into a shot glass for two hours just to have dumb lips that make you look weird. Ya’ll need Jesus. Or an intervention from your parents. Seriously where are your parents!??!
You know what I was doing when I was sixteen? Taking struggle selfies with a disposable camera and scanning and uploading them to Myspace. It was cool then, I promise. I also ironically kept Tom in my Top 8 (It was a THING GUYS) and wrote a really emotional LiveJournal that had ~*quite*~ the following. But for all of my stupidity, I was still not dumb enough to suck really hard on a water bottle and upload it to Instagram or whatever the 2005 equivalent would have been.
It seems like you guys need a hobby. Or something to do. And as my good friend Betty Draper says, only boring people get bored. But I’m a giver so here are 40 other activities you could do instead of this stupid ass challenge.

1. Go outside.

2. Read a book.

3. Learn how to speak a different language.

4. Play The Sims for a few hours. Or a lot of hours.

5. Walk your dog.

6. Walk your neighbor’s dog.

7. Find a stranger with a dog and ask them if you can walk it.

8. Meditate and reflect on why you would even consider something so stupid.

9. Take a dance class.

10. Just dance in your living room.

11. Literally dance anywhere and not give a shit if you look stupid.

12. Bake some cupcakes.

13. Figure out exactly the measurements Kristen Wigg must have used to make that ONE cupcake in the montage scene of Bridesmaids and do that. (It really bothers me. Like you obviously didn’t put a whole egg in the mix to make ONE cupcake, KRISTEN.)

14. Go to the library. They give you books and movies for free, guys. TREAT YO’SELF.

15. Go to a museum.

16. Go to the zoo.

17. Or poor-kid-go to the zoo and walk around the perimeter looking at the animals through the fence.

18. Instead of looking at Kylie Jenner and aspiring to have a physical attribute that is not natural, look at ladies like Hilary Duff and Chrissy Teigen who promote body positivity. It will be much better for your psyche in the long run.

19. Speaking of Hilary Duff, binge watch Lizzie McGuire. It was seriously so good, guys.

20. Try to replicate all of Lizzie’s amazing crimped hairstyles after binge watching Lizzie McGuire.

21. Do some yoga.

22. Go outside again. Seriously outside is a good place to be.

23. Try Insanity. Shaun T is a really good motivator and seeing Tania who is FORTY and in better shape than you is also a good motivator.

24. Watch some documentaries on Netflix. Try and educate yourself a little.

25. Take an IQ test. Not only because it’s kind of interesting but because if you’re considering sucking on a shot glass to bypass plastic surgery you should really look at your IQ level.

26. Take a tour of your city. You probably haven’t seen as much of it as you think you have.

27. Journal! It’s a great outlet and when you’re 25 and find them it’ll give you a lot to laugh at. Sorry, not to diss you and imply that you’re not as #deep as you think you are, but…no I’m not sorry you’re not.

28. Write a letter to someone who inspires you.

29. Write a letter to your grandparents.

30. Call your grandparents and tell them you love them. But also write the letter. Elders love that kind of stuff.

31. Call your mom, apologize for being hormonal and terrible, and tell her you love her.

32. Learn to fishtail braid if you haven’t already.

33. Learn to make the perfect messy bun if you haven’t already. That skill will come in handy SO OFTEN in college.

34. Take a shower. You probably need one.

35. Clean your phone. That thing is really dirty.

36. Google “Things I Wish I’d Known At Sixteen” and soak up some knowledge from people who are older and wiser.

37. Eat some vegetables. You probably haven’t been eating enough.

38. Do fifty jumping jacks! Right now!

39. Look in the mirror post jumping jacks and tell yourself your lips, your face, your stomach, your hair, your eyes, and every other feature are just fine and beautiful exactly as they are.

40. And then go outside.