40 Thoughts You Have While Studying For The LSAT


1. This can’t be that hard right? I mean you don’t even have to know anything specific to take the LSAT.

2. They said people in my major score higher than a lot of others, so I’m guaranteed to at least have like a 160 on the first try, right?

3. Wait, what the fuck are these games?

4. I’ve never been so confused in my life.

5. I only have 35 minutes to do them all?? But that’s only like 8-9 minutes per game and passage!

6. Ok, reading comprehension. I was good at this on the SAT, so I bet I’ll be good at it on the LSAT too.

7. Oh man, that was nothing like the SAT reading comprehension.

8. Ok, so if reading comp and logic games are not really my thing, I must be good at logical reasoning.

9. I mean, I’m a reasonable person, so I could be good at logical reasoning.

10. Wait, what is this question even asking me?

11. Are any of these answers right?

12. Are any of these answers wrong?

13. Aren’t choices A and C the exact same, with the words slightly rearranged?

14. Flip and negate. Flip and negate.

15. Who the fuck came up with the names on this thing?

16. Where do they get this information? Is it all true?!

17. How am I ever supposed to finish any of these sections?

18. So, you’re telling me not to do the questions in order? Am I supposed to do the evens first or….odds? Oh, that’s not right either? Great.

19. The book says to: 1. Identify the question type 2. Identify the conclusion 3. Identify the evidence 4. Make a prediction 5…..

20. Wait…. how many fucking steps are there?

21. So when they say ‘some,’ they just mean at least 1 but not more than half? And when they say ‘most’ they mean at least half? These people need to work on their English

22. All I see is arrows and tildes….

23. *Glances at questions* Hate, hate, hate. Double hate. LOATHE ENTIRELY

24. I don’t see any deductions!!


26. I think I missed that entire game.

27. Ok, this game is strict sequencing! I like this kind! *5 minutes later* Shit, it’s not sequencing, it’s a fucking hybrid. I SET THE WHOLE THING UP WRONG

28. Is that even a real animal?

29. There is literally no chance I could predict an answer for this.

30. All these answers seem right….so which one is the most right?

31. I wonder if this is an experimental section..

32. I hope to God this is an experimental section.

33. I only have 5 minutes left??

34. I think I did pretty well on that one! *Scores test* *Starts crying*

35. Why am I so dumb?

36. I’m never getting into the T14.

37. Will my parents still love me?

38. If I meet one of the people who helps make these tests, I’m going to punch them in the face.

39. Maybe I shouldn’t go to law school after all…

40. Fuck this shit.