40 Unabashed Reasons Why I Want To Marry The Shit Out Of You


1. You watch intelligent, in-depth documentaries with me, but you also watch reruns of Pokemon with me.

2. You write out lengthy notes inside of birthday and anniversary cards instead of letting Hallmark do the talking.

3. Even though you can’t stand the reality shows I watch, you learn the names of the contestants, because you actually listen when I rant about them.

4. You let me borrow books from your shelf, and you always read the stories I suggest to you.

5. You let me steal fries off of your plate when I’m hungry, and you never complain if I throw extra food onto your plate when I’m full.

6. I trust you. And I never trust anyone.

7. You go down on me even more than I go down on you.

8. You know how to calm me down when my anxiety gets the best of me.

9. You give me sentimental gifts instead of meaningless, flashy ones.

10. You listen to me bitch about the same silly things, day after day.

11. You aren’t filled with hatred like most of the people in the world are today.

12. There are certain shows you won’t watch without me, even if that means you have to dodge spoilers for a week straight.

13. All of my friends love you, because they see how well you treat me.

14. You enjoy cuddling as much as I do.

15. Somehow, you turn boring activities, like going grocery shopping, into little adventures that I actually get excited about.

16. You can turn me on, just by looking at me in a certain way or by kissing my neck in a particular spot.

17. You don’t freak out if I ask you to pick up a box of tampons for me or if you notice a blood stain on my jeans.

18. You treat my dog like he’s your best friend in the world.

19. You treat me like I’m your best friend in the world.

20. My parents already refer to you as their son.

21. You congratulate me whenever I do something impressive. But you also call me out whenever I fuck up.

22. You’ll take selfie after selfie with me until I find one that gets my best angles.

23. You never use me as an excuse when you have to turn down an outing with your friends, because you don’t want to make me out to be the bad guy.

24. You get even more upset than I do when someone treats me like crap.

25. You still think I’m beautiful after I get bored and impulsively dye my hair blonde or brunette or red or purple.

26. We can recover from any fight we have and come out stronger instead of weaker.

27. We’re comfortable enough to cry around each other.

28. We don’t need to drink to have fun. But when we do, you’ll help me keep my balance and will hold back my hair.

29. You never refer to me as your ball and chain. In fact, you brag about me to anyone who will listen.

30. You refrain from pulling my hair during sex if you know it took me an hour to curl it that morning.

31. You know my fashion sense so well that you can buy clothing for me that I’ll actually wear.

32. You come up with believable excuses for us to leave a party whenever I feel uncomfortable.

33. You never make any major life decisions without talking to me first to get my opinion on the subject.

34. You wear that outfit you know I like whenever we go out to dinner with my family.

35. I find you immensely attractive.

36. You give out genuine apologies whenever you upset me, even if our fight was all a huge misunderstanding.

37. You don’t get too jealous of the sexy celebrities that I swoon over.

38. You thank me whenever I do something small, like take out the garbage or wash the dishes, so I always feel appreciated.

39. You can tell when I’m upset, even if everyone else around me thinks I’m acting normal.

40. I love you. I honestly believe we’ll be together forever, which is why I can’t wait until the day I can call you my husband.