435 Pound Teen Is YouTubing His Weight Loss Journey And It Is Super Inspirational


Taylor Sowers is going on a mission to lose weight, and he is taking the whole world with him.


The 435 pound teen says that while he was always on the bigger end of the spectrum, his weight truly spiraled out of control as a result of bullying and apathy. He is using a YouTube channel to give us the unedited scoop on his workouts, his progress, and his setbacks.

For those of us who view YouTube on a regular basis and are subscribed to multiple YouTubers, the videos at first appear to be a little underwelming. They are shot using a camera phone and aren’t digitally remastered to awe us with graphics or transitions. But what is overwhelming is what this guy is trying to accomplish, and how open he is being while doing it.

It takes a ton of courage to be that transparent. Very very impressive.

Taylor has set up a Facebook page to compliment his YouTube channel:

And also a Twitter account:

Sower’s goal is to lose 250 pounds before he graduates from high school and to be happy.

“I want to feel happy that¬†that I can do what I want to do because I’m a more healthy guy.”

The internet wants to offer you a hug of support, man. Go get it!