46 Words Of Advice Every College Student Needs To Read


1. Keep your drink with you at parties. No, you aren’t invincible, and yes, people can slip something in it.

2. Don’t be the roommate/friend who always forgets their I.D. Have it on you so you don’t have to hold everyone else up.

3. If you see cops at a party, run, don’t hide. Yes, you suck at hiding and you should stay out of trouble.

4. Go to class. Sure, it’s okay to miss some, but you really are in college for the education (as much as we may not like to think about it).

5. Keep your room as organized as possible. It’s okay if it’s messy, but don’t ever let it get dirty. There is a difference.

6. It’s okay to fail every once in a while. One bad test grade will not and should not ruin your life. You are worth so much more than a bad grade.

7. You will get stressed — a lot, I’m sure. But every time you do, just sit back, calm down, and think about how lucky you are. You have friends, a family, and memories that college can never take from you.

8. Make memories. Even if they are bad. Chances are, nights that you think will suck are going to be the best.

9. Go to school as the person who only “sometimes drinks.” People will give you their alcohol. For free.

10. Make friends with people who don’t drink, too. Sometimes, you may not want to go out, and it’s good to have people who will curl up in a gray sweatpants ball and watch Netflix with you.

11. It’s okay to get a boyfriend/girlfriend. Yeah, it’s college, and you want to hook up with people. But if you really like someone, then go for it. Don’t miss out.

12. Be friends with as many people as possible. Smile and wave at familiar faces. These people could be your bosses some day and will be your connections in the real world.

13. It’s completely okay to eat by yourself at the Dining Hall. This one took me awhile to get used to. Everybody has to eat, and it’s actually pretty nice.

14. Read a lot. Even books that aren’t for class. You’ll thank yourself in the future that you know what people are talking about.

15. Poop. And pee. Everyone is going to need to do it, so let it out. Show em who’s boss.

16. Wear what you want to class. Sweats are okay, and so are nice clothes. Don’t wear something because everyone else is.

17. Try your best to save your money. I know, it’s hard. I try to ration it a little, like, “I bought Chipotle this week so I can’t get it again for a little while.”

18. Don’t be shy the first few days. Go up to people and introduce yourself. (I’m serious.) I did this in the elevator on my first day of school and, to this day, still remember some of those people I met.

19. Don’t be shy in class, either. Studies show that if you don’t speak up or participate within the first few classes of a subject, you won’t talk all semester. Don’t let that be you. What you have to say matters.

20. Stand your ground on your opinions. Just because everyone else likes a president, doesn’t mean you have to. Don’t let professors tell you what is right to believe.

21. Brush your teeth and wear deodorant. You don’t want to be known as the smelly kid.

22. Bring your dorm room to life. Add decorations and make it your own. You will be there a lot.

23. Invest in really good winter clothes. Trust me, you don’t know cold until January mornings, walking to an 8am.

24. Make friends with people you never thought you would. Someone who isn’t like you.

25. Chapstick, on you at all times.

26. Hook up with people at parties. But, always allow yourself to have an outlet. If someone gets too frisky, run, fast, after kicking them in the place.

27. Keep an eye on your friends at parties. You’d want them to do the same for you.

28. Be awesome at Pong.

29. Be aware of your surroundings. If your gut tells you there is a creepy man behind you, switch sides of the road. Better safe than sorry.

30. Lay in your warm laundry. I can’t even explain the joy in this, you just need to do it.

31. Drink lots of water. There is nothing worse than being sick at school.

32. Cardigans. They are a must. I threw one on all the time going down the hall or to get food.

33. Explore your campus. Know where all the places are, and learn everything you can about it. You’re only there for four years.

34. Open the windows in your dorm room. Fresh air is a must.

35. Use your planners, religiously. Trust me on this one. I wrote every assignment, every due date, etc. and I stayed completely on top of things. Planners are amazing and must be used in order to reduce stress.

36. Don’t be afraid to call mom or dad. If you need something, you know they’ll be there.

37. Get used to being independent, though. Don’t depend on anyone else. You’ll start learning and doing things that will be helpful someday.

38. Cook and bake sometimes. Don’t just eat easy mac. Get a group of friends together and buy food to cook for a family dinner. It’s delicious and you’ll be really happy that it isn’t just microwaved.

39. Go to the library if you can’t focus. Just being surrounded by books sometimes can give you motivation.

40. Try not to stress over your roommate. Trust me, they will do things that annoy you. But, living in a dorm is all about not being selfish. You’ll see how lucky you are to have your own room at home.

41. Be so strikingly confident. You will never be as young as you are right now. Embrace what God gave you and show it to the world that you are a force to be reckoned with.

42. Talk to your siblings. They will miss you and you will miss them. You are at college while they are growing up, too. Don’t forget that it isn’t just you getting older, it’s your parents and siblings, too.

43. Do your assignments on time. But, if its 3AM and you had an essay to write, go to bed. Honestly, homework is important, but your health is more important.

44. It’s completely okay to procrastinate. Trust me, it’s all I do. But make sure that you still get your assignments done, and with effort.

45. Always use great vocabulary. If you see a word you don’t know, find out the definition. Using good vocab will expand your mind and impress others.

46. Lastly, and most importantly, don’t forget that college is an experience filled with obstacles of both great and challenging. Live it up.