47 Essential Summer Jams



One of the things I love most about summer are the people who start blasting their music all over the city — ghetto blasters, techno block parties, boom boxes in the park, etc, etc. The city feels so alive. We spend the winter and even the early bits of May all cooped up inside, turning pastier and pastier as yet another cold, sunless day rolls past. Enough! As soon as the warm weather strikes, booty shorts! Short shorts! Flip flops! Pools! Loud music! Summer is all about music, so here are 47 songs that will help set the tone for your summer. Some of the stuff is new and maybe even expected, but there are also some super sick 90s throwbacks that’ll make you go, “Aww snap!” Hopefully you’ll be listening to this playlist from some fabulous beach somewhere that only rich people know about, not on the 27th floor of some some frigid office in Midtown.

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