5 Actual Reasons Why Women Wear Makeup


Women have been “putting their faces on” seemingly since the dawn of time. But why do we do it? Do we just enjoy spending our hard-earned money on products that will literally be flushed down the drain a few hours later? Do we paint our faces to attract other people? Or is makeup truly a mask we hide behind? I believe there are five main, no BS reasons why women (or at least this woman) wear makeup.

1. Makeup hides a multitude of sins.

Let’s say you got After. It. Last. Night. Maybe you went to a beautiful wedding and danced until the wee hours and now have bags under your eyes large enough to carry a vacation’s worth of luggage. Maybe you had an evening Netflix marathon and plowed through a bottle (and a half) of wine and don’t want to look like death warmed over for your 9:00am meeting. No worries! Makeup is there for you. Makeup can brighten tired eyes, hide a monstrous pimple, or disguise a hickey (no judgement, do you) in seconds and with just a few products. That is true magic.

2. It’s fun.

Sometimes makeup is seen as v. serious business, but really, we’re putting shit on our faces and then washing it down the drain hours later. You know how you’ll see kids smear dirt and markers and basically anything they can get their hands on onto their face? They do that because it’s fun, because they’re playing. Makeup is no different. Makeup allows you have fun changing up your look, to be a chameleon. Makeup spurs experimentation, creativity and in the most basic sense, playing around with ~*~gLiTter~*~ and pretty colors is straight-up fun.

3. It can make the face look better.

Can’t really argue with this one, especially for those of you who, like me, aren’t exactly 17 anymore. Eyes do look more open and awake with a coat of mascara. Groomed and filled-in brows do frame the face. Makeup can bring out the best version of “you” that you see in your head. Not all of us are blessed with (or can pay for *ahem, Kylie Jenner*) full lips. But most of us can afford a $4 nude lip liner from CVS that can make lips look fuller and more luscious. Still don’t believe me? Ask any woman who regularly wears makeup how many times some assclown in Accounting has made a “Whoa, are you sick? You look tired.” comment when she boldly decides to sleep in not wear eye makeup to work. Which brings me to my next point…

4. Because we want to. Because we can.

In my experience, men tend to think that women wear makeup to impress or attract them. All I can say to that is L O mother f-ing L. Do men really think that women spend 10 minutes precisely blending three different eye shadow colors to impress dudes who can’t tell the difference between navy and black? FOH. People who wear makeup wear it because they want to. Because it makes them feel good. I’ve yet to wake up in the morning with someone holding a gun to my head and forcing me to put on eyeliner (decent movie premise, though). Makeup is simply another form of self-expression.

5. It’s a meditative experience.

Putting on makeup each morning can be sacred Me Time. There is something about the repetitive motions, the colors and the attention to detail that can be downright meditative and soothing. For me, it’s a quiet creative outlet that gives me valuable time to mentally set my intention for the day ahead. Plus, finishing your face gives you a sense of accomplishment knowing that you’ve already completed at least one task for the day, with the bonus that you now look amazing and ready for anything.

In the end, it’s just makeup. Wear it or don’t. Either way—have fun!