5 Beneficial Things To Do When You Are Single


Instead of preaching how you’re, “fine being alone” and you, “don’t need a man,” you can prove it. If you are suffering the common single slump, try a few of these activities to make yourself self-sufficient and boost your confidence.

1. Travel

You are the only person you need to worry about right now, which means you can explore the things you are interested in (instead of wasting several frustrating hours at a history museum you didn’t want to go to for the sake of your significant other). And that is awesome.

2. Go to events alone

Ever gone on a solo trip to a movie theatre? It’s fantastic. Prop your feet up, use BOTH of those arms rests, and eat the entire bucket of popcorn yourself. Or go to a party. You will feel pressured to make conversation which will gradually build your confidence after some practice, which is good for you in the long run, if you’re being honest.

3. Befriend a person of the opposite gender

In a platonic, no weird benefits kind of way. Typically people don’t talk to the other gender about the nitty gritty, personal stuff, which keeps the friendship light and fun. Now when the “Forever Alone Blues” starts playing in your head, you’ve got a sidekick you can call to distract you with heaps of fun!

4. Get smart

Pick up a newspaper on Tuesdays instead of a magazine. Or even go online. Whatever your medium of choice, now is a great time to inform yourself and stay up to date in current events. Know what’s going on in the community, and hey! Maybe you’ll impress that new cutie with your bountiful knowledge and intellectual conversations.

5. Work out

Yeah, that’s right. Buns and thighs people. While a six pack is not the glue for everlasting relationships, it is a surefire method of boosting your confidence, health, and willpower. And what better way to do something purely for you? You deserve a nice ass.

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