5 Challenges To Try That Aren’t The #IceBucketChallenge


After weeks of momentum, lines have been drawn between those who did the #IceBucketChallenge and those who did not. And the rivalry is heating up, reaching “cat people” vs “dog people” enmity. But I don’t think we should stop at deciding whether or not to dump precious ice, cold water on our heads. No, there are more challenges to be done. Here are 5 to try if you’re feeling bored in the next 24 hours or so.

1.#PayMyBills Challenge

I would love to say I’m the wise-crack who came up with this but it’s been going around Twitter and Instagram for a while. And I discovered it thanks to the “thefatjewish” as you can see above. For this challenge, if you are not in the 1%, name a person who is in the 1% and they will have 24 hours to take care of as many bills as you can think of. But they can only be bills. (Might I suggest increasing your credit limit and going all out here.) If the person doesn’t take the challenge, well, there’s not a whole lot you can do. At least you tried. (Note: 1-percenters cannot nominate 99-percenters for this challenge.) Alternatively, because it’s the end of the month and it’s probably payday, you can take the challenge of making sure all your bills are paid before anything else this weekend.


Find a piece of paper and think of the following things: race, class, sex and gender, sexuality, passing, nationality, religion, education, physical ability, mental ability, and I think that about cover it. For each identity, ask yourself, “Do I believe I have privilege in this area?” If yes, list as many as you can think of. If not, ask yourself, “Would I be better off, worse of, or treated equally as a different person in the same category?” For example: Nationality – If you don’t believe that being from X country grants you certain privileges, would you be okay being born in any country on earth? Then nominate 3 people for this challenge who may take it, or alternatively be put through a Jane Elliott simulation.


For this challenge, any time during a 72-hour period you get the urge to do something solely for your  friends and acquaintances on social media to “like,” “heart,” “RT,” “comment,” and/or “fav” it, you have to donate $20 to a cause of your choice. Nominate 5 of your social media friends for the challenge. Alternatively, all those who already know they are incapable of not doing everything for social media attention, may make a $100 donation to their chosen local charity.


Watch the video below:

This challenge is easy. Never, ever, ever, ever ever ever ever ever ever do anything like this to yourself, to your loved ones, or even to your enemies. That’s all you need to do for this challenge. (Thanks for this challenge suggestion Ella.)


There are no rules with this one. Choose your own adventure. Good luck.

Featured image – Flickr