5 Clear Signs You Have An Arrogance Problem


It is can be so unpleasant to be around a person who does not show any kind of humility or politeness towards others. Most of the time, people are not called out for these flaws. And, so, with time it gets pretty exhausting and ultimately unbearable to be around these type of people. While there are countless other ways in which someone can be arrogant, the following are just some of the most common red flags that need to be dealt with immediately.

1. Your laugh is purely attention seeking.

It’s always the loudest in the crowd and it does not matter where you are. You just have to be noticed by everyone. Otherwise, you probably don’t feel good about yourself. You need to laugh the loudest and it just HAS to have a weird ring to it; just in case the high volume wasn’t enough. Often times you would just laugh to yourself long enough for someone to finally give in and ask, “what, WHAT IS IT??”.

2. You interfere in your friends’ relationships just for fun.

You like to manipulate and cause tension between couples from your friends’ circle. You don’t walk away, or give space and let them talk it out. You’re right there in the middle, making things worse and sharing your wise words which in the end only lead to destruction. You need to back off because it isn’t any of your damn business. Eventually, you will cause so much stress and hurt that the whole thing will blow up in your face.

3. You always find something to brag about, no matter the conversation.

Oh, someone has the flu? Yeah, you’re not feeling too good yourself. Did someone mention they’re going on holiday? Yeah, you’ve been to all those places so many times. Did the name of a local newspaper come up just randomly? Yep, they wrote about you so many times before. A discussion about foreign languages starts? Oh yes, you know ten of them to perfection. Nevermind that when you start to speak your accent is forced and the cracks in basic grammar clearly show. You are an expert in every little subject and if God forbid someone doesn’t know by now, we can all be sure they will find out soon enough. Even when a story of yours seems too good to be true nobody bothers to question you about it anymore because they are so sick and tired of hearing how smart and special you are.

4. You use crass words just for their shock value.

If we were to keep a statistic about this, probably 99% of your sentences would be found to be filled with slurs and derogatory words. Nobody’s safe from this; be it your mom, your girlfriend, someone you’ve just met or a complete stranger. You do this for two main reasons: first because you think your filthy vocabulary will somehow gain you respect from others; and secondly, because this is how you hype yourself up and it makes you think you’re so much better than everybody else.

5. You think a person’s value is only measured by their bank account and the number of cars they own.

So, you worked a little and made a bit of dough. So, you bought a car or two. So what? Does this give you the right to put down anyone who is not on your financial level? Apparently, in your mind it absolutely does. You even have one of those cars that EVERYBODY knows it must be compensating for something. You need to learn that possessions are nothing compared to wisdom, kindness, humility, and a sweet personality. Possessions become worthless when they are the only ones you have to show for yourself.