5 College Classes You Should Take In College To Diversify Your Skills


1. Dance Class

It doesn’t matter if you can dance. It doesn’t even matter if you have rhythm. Swallow some pride and sign up for intro to movement! These classes are a nice break from the science and math classes that you inevitably will have to take. They’re often way more interpretive than skill-based, so as long as the description says “beginners welcome,” you’ll be fine. You might even have some fun…

2. Introduction To Psychology

Usually the largest class on campus for a reason. Everyone should know something about the workings of the human brain. Plus, large lectures are quite the experience that augment and complete a college experience. Even if the material doesn’t interest you, the whole atmosphere is something that you will not be able to take in anywhere else. You may think Freud is silly, but do you have any knowledge of any other such theorists? Whether you decide to major in psych, or you just meet a new friend, the class will not be entirely a waste of time.

3. Statistics

Snore, right? Perhaps, but you’d be surprised what you can take away from a stats class. You might think that high school math prepared you for every basic thing you’ll need to know in the subject, but that isn’t exactly true. Statistics are everywhere, and it’s a skill that many jobs will look for. Take it, enjoy it, ask questions, and take it seriously. It helps. I promise.

4. Cultural Anthropology

It will change the way you look at the world. We oftentimes forget that culture is more than practices and celebrations; it’s an entire way of thinking. While the evolution of studying people may get a bit boring, it’ll really make you think twice before jumping to conclusions about others. It might even make you a better person.

5. Underwater Basket Weaving (Or Another Equally Offbeat Course)

My school has a class that takes students through the nearby historical cemetery to learn about a number of people buried there. It’s really cool, and it gives a history of the area around my school. Even if your school doesn’t have one of these, however, I can guarantee you’ll be able to find a class that will make you think, “I’m sorry, what?” It makes for a great diversification class (those electives must be filled), not to mention a great conversation piece for awkward family holidays!

In closing, college classes aren’t all awful. Be sure to diversify your schedule, both for your future benefit and for your own sanity. Happy studying!