5 Digital Artists Using Photoshop To Create Mindblowing Art


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Marta Dahlig

Marta Dahlig is a digital painter from Warsaw, Poland who’s been a member of DeviantArt for almost a decade now. The 26-year-old’s Seven Deadly Sins series gained her notoriety  in the Deviant community, an impressive feat on a site that’s home to millions of digital aspiring artists. Below, “Vanity” and “Envy,” both of which began as pencil sketches. Each took about 60 hours, according to the artist.

Craig Sellars

Craig Sellars is a freelance Visual Development artist with an extensive background in the animated feature film, television, and video game industries (he’s worked with Disney and Lego in the past), but many of his digital works are grounded in bleak reality with a touch of sci-fi themes. They maintain a texture often lacking from more fantastical digital art. Below, two untitled digital pieces.

Liu Zheng

Liu Zheng — or 96k, as he prefers to be called — is a Beijing-based digital artist. Originally an avid sprinter, 96k eventually gave up running and refocused his energies on both traditional and digital art. I’ve never seen him run, but he definitely did not miss his calling. Below, a 1983-inspired graphic created for MTV & Swatch, and a 2007 Coca~Cola ad.

David Waters

David Waters is a master at photo manipulation who’s capable of covering a wide range of mediums including typography and illustration. David’s work is surreal and visceral, so it’s not much of a surprise that he’s a pretty big fan of another talented David, the daring and prominent Lynch. Below, a Photoshop portrait of the director and “Telefantasy.”

Adrian Baluta

Adrian Baluta hails from Romania and has 20 years experience in digital art specializing in After Effects and Photoshop. His pieces are epic fantasies inspired by sci-fi. Below, “Fantasy Land” and “The Fourth Chamber.”

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image – Adrian Baluta